Bindi Irwin Remembers Life Lessons From Late Dad Steve

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Bindi Irwin
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Bindi Irwin is melting hearts with a birthday tribute for her late dad, Steve Irwin, on his birthday. The 24-year-old TV personality and conservationist took to Instagram to post a heartwarming throwback photo of her beloved father, highlighting their bond and the many life lessons she learned from the beloved crocodile hunter.

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Happy Birthday, Dad

On Tuesday, Bindi shared a sweet throwback photo of her younger self with Steve to honor him for what would have been his 61st birthday.

"Happy Birthday, Dad. Thank you for instilling a love for all species, courage to follow my heart and determination to make a difference in the world for wildlife and wild places," Bindi started.

The Legacy Lives On

"Your legacy lives on and the world is forever changed because of your dedication to conservation. Mum, Robert and I love and miss you so much," she continued.

Robert's Message

Bindi's younger brother, Robert, also posted a sweet message on his own account. He shared a picture of Steve in his familiar khaki get-up, holding a tiny baby Robert in his hands. Mindi, who was still a toddler at the time, could also be seen in the frame.

"Happy birthday, Dad ❤️," Robert wrote a simple caption with the post.

Fans React

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Fans couldn't help but feel emotional over Bindi's post. People wrote their sweet messages in the comment section.

"Man was a treasure. Glad he lives on through his wonderful family," one person wrote.

Steve's Tragic Death

Steve died on September 4, 2006, after being tragically injured by a stingray while in Batt Reef. He was working on the documentary Ocean's Deadliest but filming was stalled because of the bad weather.

How Steve Irwin Died

While on break, Steve decided to go snorkeling to capture footage for Bindi the Jungle Girl, a new nature series he was developing. He came across a massive stingray in the water and the fish stabbed him in the chest with its stinger, causing a fatal wound to his heart.

Hundreds Of Strikes

As they were filming footage, the tragic incident was all recorded on camera. According to cameraman Justin Lyons, he saw the stingray landing what seemed like "hundreds of strikes".

"I had the camera on, I thought this is going to be a great shot, and all of sudden it propped on its front and started stabbing wildly, hundreds of strikes in a few seconds," Lyons revealed in an interview with Studio 10.

It Was Recorded On Camera

The attack was all recorded on camera because Irwin's number one rule was to keep rolling. Lyons says he doesn't know what happened to the footage but he hopes it never sees the light of day.

The Footage Was Never Aired

"Never (should it be seen), out of respect for everyone and his family, I would say no," he said in the interview.

A Great Tragedy

Steve's untimely death was a great tragedy that shocked everyone. He was only 44 years old when he died. A public memorial service was held and thousands of fans visited the Australia zoo to pay tribute to the legendary man.

His Passion For Animals

Steve's love for animals brought awareness to wildlife preservation. Many people became more interested in animals because of his enthusiasm.

The Crocodile Hunter

His TV show The Crocodile Hunter was successful globally. The Animal Planet series ran from 1996-2007.

People Loved Him

People loved Irwin's wacky antics and boundless enthusiasm. “You know what I reckon it is? My belief is that what comes across on television is a capture of my enthusiasm and my passion for wildlife," he said in an interview.

A Family Man

Steve's family has been a central part of his career. He was a family man, above all, and the audience got to see his wife and kids become part of his show.

Continuing Steve's Legacy

More than a decade after his death, the Irwin family has preserved his legacy by continuing his work. They promote love for wildlife through their show Crikey! It's The Irwins and they have also dedicated their lives to taking care of the animals in Australia zoo.

Following Dad's Footsteps

Bindi told Today that working with animals is "a part of who we are, it's not just what we do". "We do want to carry on in Dad's footsteps, and make sure everything he worked so hard for continues on."

Praises For Terri

Robert also praised his mom, Terri, for how she handled everything after the death of her husband.

Wonder Woman

"She raised us. She kept the zoo going through some tough times. I get emotional just thinking about it. She's an absolute wonder woman," he said in an interview.

Growing Family

The family has grown, as Bindi welcomed a baby girl on March 25, 2021, and named her Grace Warrior Irwin Powel, after her grandfather. Bindi welcomed her in an Instagram post and explained the tribute to her late father. "Her middle names, Warrior Irwin, are a tribute to my dad and his legacy as the most incredible Wildlife Warrior."