Teenager Makes A Rude Remark About This Mom’s Weight, Mom Bans Daughter’s Friend From Their House

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Family is supposed to be there for each other through thick and thin, but as we all know, sometimes when you least expect it, people can turn their back on you. It doesn’t even have to be an intentional betrayal—sometimes just an unintentional mistake can lead to consequences that are far from beneficial. A recent story posted on the ‘Am I The A-Hole’ subreddit illustrates just how quickly a family dispute can escalate. One redditor going by the username Effective-Weekend-97 shared how her daughter’s friend took a rather distasteful dig at her during dinner. Not only was the comment uncalled for, but the author also sees it as an act of betrayal. Have a read through the full story below.. Would you have reacted any differently? Do you have any similar stories to share?

Mom (37f) takes a stand against her daughter's (14f) rude friend's remarks about her weight.

effective-weekend-97 | effective-weekend-97

Mom discovers her daughter's social awkwardness and takes necessary measures

effective-weekend-97 | effective-weekend-97

Mom's dismay when her daughter's friend makes a rude remark about her weight and consequently gets banned from the house.

effective-weekend-97 | effective-weekend-97

Mom bans daughter's friend after rude remark about weight "No wonder you've ended up a bigger woman."

effective-weekend-97 | effective-weekend-97

The teenager's insult hit a nerve, and the dinner went quiet. Mom made sure the friend knew it was unacceptable.

effective-weekend-97 | effective-weekend-97

Mom bans daughter's friend for rude comment about her weight! "Apologize to me," she said.

effective-weekend-97 | effective-weekend-97

Dad defends daughter's friend after an "awkward" joke "landed" badly

effective-weekend-97 | effective-weekend-97

This mom just wants an apology from her daughter's rude friend. "That's all I need."

effective-weekend-97 | effective-weekend-97

Mom bans daughter's friend for a rude remark 🤐

No one likes to experience a rude remark and this 37 year old mother felt the same way when her daughter's friend commented on her weight. The room was silent after the remark, and the mother refused to let it go without an apology. The husband suggested to let it go, but the mother wanted an apology from the 14 year old girl. An apology is all that she needed before she could let it go and continue with the friendship. With the potential apology pending, the mother awaits for the next step in the situation. Now, let's dive into the comments and reactions to this difficult situation.

😳Mom, trying to demand apology from 14yo gets called out 😳

-QueefLatina- | -QueefLatina-

YTA? 🤔😬 You be the judge

Major_Bother8416 | Major_Bother8416

Mama Bear takes matters into her own hands 🐻☝️

happybanana134 | happybanana134

🤣Kids say the darnedest things!

Vavamama | Vavamama

Mom bans daughter's friend 💔

CDM2017 | CDM2017

YTA: Navigate 🤔the teen's faux pas 🙅‍♂️

ComputerCrafty4781 | ComputerCrafty4781

Mom bans daughter's friend🔒 for a misguided compliment?

runrunpuppets | runrunpuppets

🤔 Mom vs. Daughter's friend: Who's in the wrong? 🤷‍♂️

Status-Ad640 | Status-Ad640

Mom bans daughter's friend 👎

Sunshinedxo | Sunshinedxo

A delicate situation: 🤔

Fangehulmesteren | Fangehulmesteren

NTA: 🤦 The 14-y/o said something awkward, but OP is holding a grudge for months?

Purplefox71 | Purplefox71

🤔14yo's comment sparks Mom's overreaction?

FreeRustProofing | FreeRustProofing

Mom bans daughter's friend 🚫

jammy913 | jammy913

No one likes rude jokes🤦‍♂️

caffeinated92 | caffeinated92

Mom bans daughter's friend 🚫

Iothil | Iothil

YTA: 🤦‍♀️Not sure why an apology is necessary months later.

ashleighbuck | ashleighbuck

Mom demands apology ❗️

emaandee96 | emaandee96

Bigger woman defends daughter's friend 🤷‍♀️

Lulubelle2021 | Lulubelle2021

Mom bans daughter's friend after rude remark 🤦‍♀️

bobledrew | bobledrew

Mom teaches teenager 🤦 the important lesson of when 🤣 🤫

mm172 | mm172

Adult holds a grudge 🤔💭

Chelular07 | Chelular07

NTA: 🙅‍♀️ Apologies are due!

[deleted] | [deleted]

😳 YTA: Mom bans daughter's friend for a comment about her weight

SorellaNux | SorellaNux

Let it go 🤷‍♂️

Heraonolympia123 | Heraonolympia123

Mom takes a stand 🙌️

Alone-Day1429 | Alone-Day1429

🤔NTA: Speak Up!

mpurdey12 | mpurdey12

YTA: Grow up! 😠

Miserable_Ranger4830 | Miserable_Ranger4830

Mom bans daughter's friend 👎

cuervoguy2002 | cuervoguy2002

Mama bear won't take 🐻💥.

woodenpickle17 | woodenpickle17

❗️Mom denies friend access❗️

-MWoon- | -MWoon-

NTA: nobody's doing kid a favor 🙅‍♀️

Dry_Ask5493 | Dry_Ask5493

Mom puts her foot down ✋

daisydukes1979 | daisydukes1979

🤔 Is it ok to give her another chance?

dauntebone | dauntebone

Mom's weight scolding 😕

theone_bigmac | theone_bigmac

🤷‍♀️Should mom relax?

squirlysquirel | squirlysquirel

Mom bans daughter's friend 🚫

ChrissyChadd | ChrissyChadd

A 14 yo blurted out a 🤨thoughtless remark

Dittoheadforever | Dittoheadforever

NTA: Mom 👍🏻, Teenager 👎🏻

grognekthedestroyer | grognekthedestroyer

Mom teaches teen a lesson ⚖

_firsttimecaller | _firsttimecaller

Mom banned her daughter's friend 👀

wind-river7 | wind-river7

🤷‍♀️ Is A Free Pass Being Given?

Imaginary_Orchid_535 | Imaginary_Orchid_535

Mom bans daughter's friend 🚫

wickedlucky214 | wickedlucky214

NTA: Apologize & Discuss 🤔

Blas_Wiggans | Blas_Wiggans