A Big Announcement From Da Brat And Wife Judy

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Da Brat and Judy
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Expecting a child is always a beautiful occasion for any couple. Da Brat and her wife, Jesseca Harris-Dupart – better known as “Judy" – are no exception. The duo made this announcement recently, surprising their fans around the world.  Here are the details.

Women Over 40  

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Da Brat opened up about her experience in an interview with the People. The 48-year-old rapper shared that she just hadn’t considered having children. “There’s a lot of stuff we learned about women over the age of 40,” she admitted.  

Dupart And Da Brat’s Duo Turns Into A Trio! 

Du Brat

While Judy is a mother of three, the same can’t be said for Da Brat. This pregnancy stands as the rapper’s first and the experience is undoubtedly something that has changed her life.  

“[Having Kids] Wasn’t In The Cards For Me.” 

As someone who didn’t get pregnant in the early stages of her life, Da Brat mentioned how she thought she’d never have kids. It wasn’t a concern for her, though. “I’ve had a great career,” she explained, “a full life.” 

How Dupart Changed Everything For Da Brat 

Judy, CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products, changed everything. Her relationship inspired Da Brat to actually start family planning. The rapper started to look at life differently, all because of her relationship with Dupart.  

How Da Brat Got Over Her Hesitation  

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Despite looking into family planning, Da Brat still hesitated about the idea of getting pregnant and having a child. The couple faced “A little tug-o-war” over this new step in their life. 

Dupart’s Opinion Over Her Wife’s Pregnancy 

Dupart managed to address many of her wife’s concerns. “I felt like she should have the experience,” Dupart, a mother of three, clarified. “She is so nurturing.” 

A Rocky Road Ahead 

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Despite how easy it may seem, getting pregnant is challenging. Da Brat’s decision to have children came with its own host of health issues and problems  

Da Brat Faced Major Health Complications 

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Dupart went on to reveal that Da Brat actually suffered through surgery after her egg retrieval procedure. The surgery was necessary to remove fibroids and polyps before the embryo transfer.  

A Tragedy  

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Da Bart also revealed her first miscarriage. She had been so excited about the prospect, despite never knowing whether it was something she wanted or not. “And then it was all snatched away from me.” 

Da Brat Talks About Her Pregnancy  

Da Brat shared how her experience is going so far. She’s currently in her second trimester and is feeling excited. The rapper doesn’t experience the typical pregnancy symptoms such as cravings or nausea, instead, she’s always sleepy. 

“Every Thing Makes Me Cry”, Says Da Brat 

Da Brat considers herself to be a tough person. Yet, pregnancy is making her cry over the smallest of things. “If someone wins American Idol, I cry”, she explains.  

The Couple’s Wedding Anniversary  

Da Brat revealed her pregnancy right before her first anniversary with Dupart. You might recall the couple’s beautiful wedding ceremony on Feb. 22. It’s after the wedding that the couple decided to take the next step. 

Brat Loves Judy: The New Season  

Da Brat revealed that the couple wasn’t expecting the hurdles that came with the pregnancy. The couple opted to keep many of these hurdles private. Some parts of their journey have been covered in the new season of their reality show.  

“We’re Excited” 

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The couple knows exactly what kind of parents they want to become. While Judy already has tons of experience raising children, this is going to be Da Brat’s first rodeo. “She’s already, ‘Rah rah,’ behind anybody that she loves,” Judy mentioned.  

Deciding The School Of Their Kids 

The couple is so excited that they’re already thinking about schools for their babies. “We’re going to have to homeschool our babies,” says Judy. “Because no place is going to be good enough.” 

Learning To Control Her Temper 

Thanks to anger management class, the rapper has been learning to control her temper. Despite this, Judy knows that her wife is going to be extremely protective of the kids. 

Keeping The Kids Close 

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As stars, both Da Brat and Judy are used to being around tons of people and strangers. However, when it comes to their kids, she would only allow people who’re close to them to be around their kids.  

People That the Couple Can Trust 

The list of people allowed extended mostly to family members. It mostly included the couple’s parents and other people who they’re close to that they’ve seen handle children. 

Excited For the Future  

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“We’re very excited where we stand,” The couple revealed. They also mentioned how so many people want to help in their journey. Overall, they believe that they're "going to be great!”