Britney Spears Shocks Fans With Bizarre Animated Video

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Britney Spears in red dress.
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Britney Spears has shared an out-of-the-ordinary post, leaving fans perplexed. 😳 The fans are in utter shock and are wondering if she is even in her right state of mind before sharing the post. Here are the bizarre details.

Britney Spears Wreaks Social Media Havoc

Britney Spears

Britney Spears is known to cause a stir on Instagram with her bizarre posts. The 41-year-old has posted multiple videos on her social media before which left fans concerned for her well-being.

So, What Happened?

Recently, she again posted a bizarre, animated video talking in, what seems to be, an Australian or British accent.

Jump From Topic To Topic

She goes on from talking about fashion to asking fans not to call the cops if her Instagram goes down. Everything happens too fast in this video and you can also experience it when you watch the video.

Can’t Believe It? Watch Here Now!

The entire video is only under a minute long. The video is cut out in between after each part and does not represent the Toxic star being in the best mental state.

What’s Up With The Accent?

She begins speaking in a very odd Australian-British accent and begins by talking about a dress she sewed with the help of a friend.

Quick Hop Onto Receiving A Dress?

After going on about sewing a dress, Spears talks about a pink, sparkly dress she received as a gift and flaunts it by moving the dress back and forth in front of the camera. 

Asks Fans Not To Worry

Her focus then shifts toward a story TMZ broke recently about fans calling the cops when her Instagram shuts down. She asks them not to worry if it happens again by saying, “So guys, I just want you to know if I shut down my Instagram, do not call the cops” via @britneyspears on Instagram.

Don’t Be A Rollercoaster?!

From clothes to the cops to…yes, rollercoaster. Out of all the things in the world, she begins yelling out “Don’t ever be a rollercoaster!”

We Are As Confused As You Are!

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She runs off the screen and then comes running back in to scream “Never be a rollercoaster!” 

What Is The Roller Coaster? We Want To Know!

Still, wondering what she meant by that? So are we! Is she trying to convey something under this cryptic word?

Fans And Loved Ones Confused

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Fans and loved ones of the pop star are confused and worried for her. They are scared that she may be in trouble as it has happened before as well.

An Intervention

Yes, some also began planning an intervention to help Britney break free from her mental health struggles and substance abuse.

Got Hold Of Her Attorney

Her attorney, Matthew Rosengart, was also questioned outside the courthouse about the intervention. He was asked why the intervention was called off and remained silent.

Attorney’s Behaviour In Question

We did not understand the silence demonstrated by her attorney. For a legal representative, he was awfully quiet. Something really is fishy about this whole situation.

Britney On Meds

Some sources have come forward to state that Britney has been taking meds which make her super hyper. “They hype her up” and “she’s been flying off the handles”, sources state. One source is worried for her well-being and stated that “I’m afraid she’s gonna die”.

Seemed Okay Last Weekend

Britney Spears, her manager, Cade Hudson, and her husband, Sam Asghari, were seen at Nobu last Saturday. She seemed perfectly fine at the restaurant and the paparazzi caught her looking well. We do not know when the video she posted on Tuesday was recorded.

Britney Spears And Sam Asghari At Nobu (February 19)

Britney Spears And Sam Asghari
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TMZ reported that spears and her hubby were seen out and about after the failed intervention.

Meeting Friends

Britney Spears and Her Friends
instagram | Britney Spears

“Another mystery ... me and friends went to visit my favorite tree last night !!! I take a pic with it every year Wr !!! Well I stood in the exact same place as last year ... why the hell was the tree so damn big last year ??? Uhhhhh !!!”

Best Wishes For The Star

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We only wish the best for the star and wish her a speedy recovery from whatever she’s going through. She is not only an icon but a symbol of great strength, we hope to see her doing better soon!