Megan Fox Comments In Support Of Sophie Lloyd

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The latest update in the Colson Baker a.k.a. Machine Gun Kelly/Megan Fox separation drama is the actress clearing all rumors of her fiancé cheating on her with his guitarist, Sophie Lloyd.

Fox Sparks Cheating Rumors

Fox returned to Instagram with a bomb after causing a stir with her post-and-delete last week. She implied that there was trouble in paradise with a cryptic post saying she could taste the betrayal on his lips.

Lloyd Debunks The Rumors

Fans thought the other woman in question was Lloyd who played the guitar for MGK on his Mainstream Sellout tour. The rumor spread like wildfire causing Lloyd to speak out in defense through her representatives.

Her Statement

Lloyd's representatives said the guitarist has been in a long-term relationship with one of MGK's friends and always maintained a professional relationship.

Fox Concurs And Clears Lloyd's Name

Although Fox maintained radio silence for the past few days, she finally spoke up in defense of Lloyd and other potential scapegoats saying there was no third party in her relationship.

Asks For Privacy

The actress further asked that her fans and the media leave innocent people alone because no outsider has the true story of why MGK and her are dealing with a rough patch in their relationship.

Fans Create New Conspiracies

Of course, fans didn't believe Fox, but ran with another theory saying her post was a misdirection. The actress once more spoke up in defense of herself and Lloyd saying, she's damned either ways.

Fox Cheers Lloyd Up

The actress praised Lloyd and welcomed her to Hollywood saying it's her first PR disaster and to ignore it for as long as she could. Lloyd then replied saying,

"The internet is so wild! Sending so much love."

Couple's Therapy

Last week, Daily Mail released pictures of Fox and MGK leaving a couple's therapy practice in Hollywood. Although they arrived separately, they left the building together.

Working Through The Problem

The culmination of the Instagram account deactivation with removing her engagement ring and their couple's therapy led to several speculations. An insider spoke to media outlets saying they're working on keeping their relationship intact despite the rumors.

The Engagement Ring

Removing her engagement ring hurt physically and emotionally for Fox because MGK designed it specifically with thorns that cause pain when she takes it off.

Made For Pain

The ring is an entwinement of Fox and MGK's birthstones wrapped in a band of thorns. They admitted to being in a consensual BDSM relationship so the pain from Fox's band of thorns was light work.

The Rings Can Stand Alone

She can separate her birthstone from MGK's own and for two different rings. However, when worn together, a magnet holds it in place and forms a heart.

Together For Three Years

Fox and MGK have been in a three year relationship although they've been engaged for one (since Jan. 2022). This is their first public breakup since getting together in 2020 as their relationship seemed perfect.

No More PDA

The couple is big on PDA and were super cozy at Drakes post-Super Bowl party on Feb. 11; hence, the shock when news of their separation hit the internet.

Together On Award Season

Fox and MGK attended several industry events from January to February including the Grammys and all its parties.

Attending Events Together

Fox attended the pre-Grammys party in a gorgeous red dress with a corset bodice and knotted skirt with a fishtail train. She wore a pink cast on her hand and told her fans in a now-deleted post that she went straight from the hospital.

MGK Still Shows Love

Although she deactivated her account, MGK still has his and hasn't deleted pictures of them from his feed.

MGK Stays Off The Radar

MGK hasn't said anything about the situation as he continues keeping a low profile.

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