Kelly Osbourne Discusses Her Challenges As A New Mommy

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Former Fashion Police presenter, Kelly Osbourne, revealed one of the hardest things she has done as a new mom on social media. Here's what the TV personality, singer, actress, and fashion designer had to say about being a mom.

Her Respect For Working Moms

Since the start of the year, the new mom, Kelly Osbourne, has had some time off from work to be with her child. The 38-year-old native British star finally posted on her Instagram page sharing how tough it is for her to return to work.

In her post, while pictured sitting in a car, she captioned, "I have a new found respect for working mothers. I took my first job since having a baby. Having to leave him this morning was one of the hardest things I have ever done. This day can't go by quick enough for me. I can't want to have him back in my arms. 😢''

Take Your Son To Work Day

Unable to be without her baby boy for a day, the fashionista posted on her Instagram story the following Monday, taking her baby to work. She shared a picture of her holding the handle of the baby's car seat while in her car with a caption," #Day2 I could not leave him again so it's bring your #BringYourBabyToWorkDay"

New Mom Spotted With Her Baby

Kelly Osbourne

While strolling with her baby, The Osbourne family star daughter was spotted walking with her baby. In a photo shared online, the new mom can be seen pushing her baby boy, Sydney, in his stroller as they made their way to visit a friend in LA.

How She Looked

While taking that stroll with her baby, the Fashion Police presenter stunned her fans with her casual but stylish-looking outfit. She could be seen wearing a black hoodie with camouflage pants and a pair of black sneakers from Converse Chuck Taylor.

Baby's Face Hidden

Kelly Osbourne
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It seems like Kelly isn't quite ready to reveal her baby's face just yet. While she was caught moving with her baby in a photo, the stroller is seen to be covered with its protective net.

Judging by her posts on Instagram, she intentionally has the face hidden from prying eyes. The new mom might be waiting to reveal her baby boy's face when she's ready — hopefully, Sharon Osbourne doesn't make a quick post before she does!

Speaking On The Pregnancy Stress

Speaking on the birth process, the British star talked about the difficulties of her pregnancy. Kelly revealed she changed her regular lifestyle after discovering she had gestational diabetes. 

In her words to People, she said, "First of all, gestational diabetes is not your fault." Then she added, "At first, I thought it was something that I had done. I only got diagnosed with it well into my third trimester, so it wasn't like I developed it as some people get it from the get-go when they're pregnant. I got it in my third trimester and basically, I thought it was something that I had done wrong."

She Even Lost Weight

Kelly Osbourne
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Kelly also added that she needed to reduce her sugar intake to bring her body to normalcy — stating she began a new meal plan. Consistent with the eating habit, the London star said, "As soon as I cut the sugar out, I had a bit of a headache for a while. I'm not going to lie. It's a bit of a shock to your system," while adding, "I've lost 10 pounds while pregnant."

Birth Date

Although no exact date on her baby boy's delivery has been made from Kelly, or her mom, it might be one of the last two months of 2022. In November, she posted a vague message on social media reading, "Okay here we go." which is believed to be when her labor was induced.

The Baby Reveal

In her big reveal to announce the coming of her first child with Slipknot DJ Sid to her fans, the Fashion Police star posted a picture of her holding a sonogram image on Instagram in May last year. She captioned the post, "'I know that I have been very quiet these past few months so I thought I would share with you all as to why."

She added, "I am over the moon to announce that I am going to be a Mumma. To say that I am happy does not quite cut it. I am ecstatic! 🤰💜"

Her Mom's Comment

Sharon Osbourne
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Being an over-joyous grandma, Sharon Osbourne, appearing on Britain's The Talk show, had some exciting news to share about her daughter and new grandson. In her words about the new mom and her baby, she said, "So great, so great. She won't let a picture go out of him, and I'm so proud of her." She further revealed the new baby's name to be Sydney.

Kelly Didn't Like It

Sharon and Kelly Osbourne
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Right after Sharon's comment on the baby's name, Kelly didn't seem to like the reveal made by her mother. Quite upset, the new mom made a post to her Instagram story ranting with some heated statements directed to her mom. She wrote, "I am not ready to share him with the world. It is no one's place but mine to share any information about my baby."

Kelly and Sid's Relationship Reveal

The new parents officially announced their relationship in February 2022 in the sweetest way yet — and best of all, on Valentine's Day! The fashion mother posted a picture of her and Sid on Instagram with the caption, "After 23 years of friendship I can't believe where we have ended up! You are my best friend, my soulmate and I am so deeply in love with you Sidney George Wilson. 💜"

He Also Shared The Love On Social Media

Not shying away from the public love Kelly had displayed, Slipknot Dj Sid also professed his love for the TV presenter. In his post on Instagram, he wrote, "There is not enough colours to display the palette of Love I have for you in my Heart 💜 Happy Valentines Day my Love XoXo."

More On The New Dad, Slipknot

DJ Sid Wilson
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New Dad Sidney George Wilson Dj is known for his iconic tag as the "Dj in the mask" with a Slipknot metal band. The 45-year-old DJ was part of a group formed in 1997 until his solo run 12 years ago. He currently goes by the stage name of DJ Starscream from the Transformers franchise.

How They Met

The two lovebirds first met in 1999 during Slipknot's tour for Ozzfest, one of the music festivals by Kelly's parents, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. From that time till the next 23 years, they remained close friends before deciding to step up their relationship.

The Osbournes

The Osbournes
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The Osbournes are an American family of four, Ozzy and his wife Sharon, Kelly, and their son Jack. The family became widely known for their reality TV show "The Osbournes," which premiered on MTV in 2002. However, the series aired its final episode in March of 2005 after having done 52 episodes.

An Addiction Past

For the past few years, TV presenter Kelly Osbourne has struggled with alcohol addiction. The London star opened up about her usage of painkillers and heroin during a discussion with Red Table Talk. In October 2021, it was announced that Kelly had checked into rehab in Texas to help her deal with the addiction after her relapse.

Sober Success

Kelly Osbourne
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After being in and out of rehab for addiction, Kelly Osbourne came to celebrate with her fans her one year of being sober. She revealed her sober progress on Instagram with the caption, "What a difference a year can make! If you would have told me 365 days ago that I would be sober, happy, and about to be a mumma I would have laughed in your face. Life is truly amazing when you do the work. Thank you to everyone that has supported me on this journey. I love you all so much!!!!!!!"

Basking In The Snow

The new mom seems to be having a great time back to work and away from doing nothing. She posted a picture of herself on social media outside in the snow, captioning the post, "Filming in the snow and it's freezing 🥶" Fans and well wishers await her unveiling of baby Sydney.