Ryan Reynolds Talks About New Baby And Blake Lively!

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively welcomed their fourth child earlier this week, and the actor is opening up about the change in their family. Although the superstar isn't pleased with the media for announcing his wife's delivery prematurely, he's over the moon with his new reality.

Opening On About The Delivery

Reynolds granted an interview to CNBC's Power Lunch where he described Lively's countenance since her delivery.

A New Lifestyle

The father of four described their family home as a zoo, which relegated him to the kitchen area as his office. However, he doesn't mind spending the rest of his life there.

The Details Are Hush-Hush

Reynolds is keeping his cards close to his chest by revealing only what is necessary about the new baby. He didn't mention the name or sex of the baby but wanted everyone to know the family is excited.

Still Funny As Always

The Deadpool actor maintains his famous sense of humor by quipping that his family wouldn't go through a fourth pregnancy if they didn't love being parents.

"We wouldn't do this four times if we didn't love it."

Online Drama

The announcement of Lively and Reynold's baby came with some online drama, starting with the actor teasing his fans about a new addition to his family. Unfortunately for eager supporters, it wasn't news of the baby but Emma Corrin's addition to the Deadpool franchise.

Fans Piece The Puzzle

Reynolds' tweeted the news on Feb. 14 but fans suspect the baby was already in the world by then. Lively's Instagram post on Super Bowl day, Feb. 13, sealed the deal, as a previously-pregnant Blake was pictured without a baby bump, suggesting the little one was among us.

Body Back

Blake Lively at the Sherlock Holmes premiere
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Her invisible baby bump had fans gasping for air as they wondered about her ability to snap back into shape.

Capable Parents

Reynolds and Lively share three children, James (8), Inez (6), and Betty (3), so his comment about their home being a zoo is a joke. They're capable parents and one more child wouldn't phase them.

Reynolds Calls The Media Out

After Lively's Super Bowl picture went viral, the media reported on her delivery, which upset Reynolds. He called the media out for the premature announcement, saying his appearance on Power Lunch wasn't a birth announcement.

The Media Jumps The Gun

Reynolds' addressed the media by saying:

"We didn't make a birth announcement, we just posted a photo and the media sort of did what it does after that."

Love-Hate Relationship

Reynolds and Lively have a love-hate relationship with the media, which intensified in the days leading up to her fourth baby's birth.

Retreating From The Media

Last summer, she retreated into her home to prepare for the new birth, causing paparazzi to hound her home.

Lively Speaks Out

Lively got tired of the harassment, so she took to Instagram to express her frustration, saying they freak her and her children out when they camp outside her house. The Gossip Girl star threw them a bone by sharing pictures of herself with her baby bump in a 10-picture slideshow.

Advocating A No-Kids Policy

The actress added that there should be a "No Kids Policy" for stars like her. Lively added that fans should unfollow publications operating without regard for celebrities' children's privacies.

"You have all the power against them... You all make the difference."

Rare Family Appearance

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively at the Hollywood Walk of Fame
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Although they don't like posting their children, the couple had them around in 2016 when Reynolds received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Doing The Best For Their Kids

With three children already, there's no doubt about Reynolds and Lively's parenting skills. The actor is willing to watch whatever will make his children happy.

Grateful For Little Blessings

Lively is also grateful for her children, as she considers herself fortunate to have children. That's why she thinks the exhaustion is a blessing in disguise.

Reynolds Loves Being A Father

Close up of Ryan Reynolds
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Her husband describes fatherhood as the greatest feeling in the world, despite being Critics Choice-nominated.

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