Jack Nicholson's 'Illegitimate' Daughter Finally Speaks Out

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Jack Nicholson's illegitimate daughter, Tessa Gourin, has answers for his fans who worry about his whereabouts. The 28-year-old revealed some family secrets despite being warned not to from unnamed persons.

Nicholson's Daughter Reveals Herself

Gourin, 28, first came out as Nicholson's daughter last two weeks around the discourse of "Nepotism Babies." She expressed frustration at the world not recognizing her as one of the scions of the crème of the crop.

Who's Tessa Gourin?

According to the 28-year-old, Nicholson and her mother, a former waitress turned realtor, had a fling in the early Nineties leading to her conception and later birth. Although the Something's Gotta Give actor never claimed paternity, The Daily Beast said it's an open secret in the industry.

Speaking Her Truth

Gourin sat down with the publication for a tell-all interview where she described the dynamics of her non-existent relationship with her reclusive father. The 28-year-old actress, like Nicholson, claims he didn't influence her career choice.

Not Alone

The actress didn't understand why her famous father didn't acknowledge her existence publicly, especially because she's not Nicholson's only illegitimate child. The Shining actor has five known children from four different women, excluding Gourin.

A Real-Life Annie

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Gourin grew up fascinated with Annie because she likened her life to that of the orphan who had a rich benefactor for a father figure.

She always knew her father didn't want any relationship with her but never spoke up until the "Nepotism Babies" discourse flooding the internet omitted her name.

Joining The 'Nepo Babies'

The 28-year-old wrote an essay in Newsweek expressing interest in the world knowing her paternity. Gourin said she missed certain opportunities that should've come her way because of her pedigree, like other Nepo Babies from Kendall Jenner to the Hadid Sisters and Lily Rose-Depp.

Inspiration From Lily-Rose Depp

Lily-Rose Depp on Elle
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She told The Daily Beast that Lily-Rose's (daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis) Elle's interview inspired her Newsweek article. She didn't want to title as an excuse to be lazy but as a reason to prove herself worthy of her position.

Sponsored Education

The actress admitted to benefitting from Nicholson's wealth as the 85-year-old paid her tuition at top private schools in the country.

However, she wanted a relationship more than money. Her mother tried to force a relationship between them when Gourin was younger, but the actress said it never worked.

No Love Lost

The 28-year-old sadly described her relationship with Nicholson as being on a date with an uninterested person. She's since accepted that there'll never be more than blood between them.

It's Her Turn

Gourin went to therapy to determine why her father didn't want anything to do with her. Upon growing older, she learned that her parents' decision to avoid each other made her collateral damage. A relationship with the younger Gourin would've meant one with the older woman for Nicholson.

His Relationship With The Other Children

He has close relationships with his other children including Lorraine Nicholson, Caleb Goddard (whom he didn't acknowledge until 25 years ago) and Ray Nicholson.

Respect For Their Shared Craft

Gourin respects Nicholson's acting talents and believes they share similarities in honing their crafts. The 28-year-old, known for starring in Indie movies, is ready for a feature film on the big screen.

Retirement From The Big Screen

Jack Nicholson's last movie was in 2010
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Gourin wants to work with her father, but it seems like a far-fetched dream that has little to do with their relationship and a lot to do with his reclusion from Hollywood. No one has seen the 85-year-old on screen in the last 12 years following the release of How Do You Know. 

Nicholson Classics

Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

Fans wonder why the actor stepped back from acting especially because he delivered several classics from The Shining to A Few Good Men and One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

Health Concerns

Nicholson is reportedly dealing with Dementia secretly, which is why he is absent from the Hollywood scene. His friends worry about his health and believe he'll die alone if he continues avoiding them.

The Last Public Appearance

His last public appearance was in 2021, when he sat courtside with his son, Ray. Nicholson's industry friends want him to confirm his health status so they'd stop worrying, but the actor prefers the sanctuary of his home.

Retiring From The Spotlight

According to Wio News, the actor believed his socializing days are gone and doesn't think his reclusion is a new thing for stars in Hollywood.

A Great Legacy

If Nicholson never resurfaces, he's left a strong legacy in Hollywood with most of his children following in his acting footsteps. Gourin is yet another actor in the Nicholson clan.

See The Uncanny Resemblance Between The Duo Below

Jack Nicholson at the start of his career
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