Joan Rivers Calls Out Princess Diana In Resurfaced Clip

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Joan Rivers
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A clip currently making rounds on social media reveals a throwback moment of the late Joan Rivers saying how she felt about Princess Diana. The resurfaced clip dates back to 2013, and it has gained attraction on the internet. 

Joan Rivers On Her Opinion About Princess Diana

Joan Rivers
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The clip shared to TikTok, started showing the former comedian in what looked like a standup event. It was a classic Rivers moment as she dressed in a sparkly purple ensemble while rocking her signature flipped blonde tresses. The clip went off with a startling start as the Fashion Police founder blurted that she didn't like Princess Diana when she was alive. 

The TV Star ‘Hated’ The Late Princess

The crowd erupted with laughter after the star who passed on at 81, made her declaration. She, however, noticed a few people who didn’t seem to be amused. At this point, she poked fun by stating that she knew the gay men would be displeased. She added “Watch the gay men get quiet,” Rivers said at the time. “You can never say anything to gay men either about Barbra Streisand being ugly or Princess Diana.”

Why Rivers Did Not Like Diana

She mentioned once again that she hated the public figure before going to share her reason. Rovers made a reference to Diana’s life as a royal princess as well as the graceful form of her body that was part of her much-loved aura. Rivers noted that she didn’t poke Diana because “she didn’t know when the good times were with her.” The late TV star then directed the audience saying, “If you don’t know when the good times are with you guys, then you are stupid.”

She Spoke About Diana’s Figure 

Joan Rivers
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Seemingly admiring how the People’s princess looked, Rivers noted that Diana was tall, thin, gorgeous, young, and “a husband who didn’t want to sleep with her.” Rivers added that she had a crown. She referenced this while noting that the crown Diana had could give her access to any place, including her school’s reunion.

She Had More To Say About Other Royal Family Members

In another clip shared to TikTok, Rivers clamped down on Diana’s eldest son, Prince William in reference to his engagement to his now Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton. Rivers talked about how William presented Diana’s engagement ring to Middleton.

Rivers Mocked William's Proposal

She made a mockery while imagining how he gave her the ring, “Darling I love you very much. I want you to have my mother’s engagement ring. My mother and father hated each other from the very beginning. Good luck!”

When Did Joan Rivers Pass Away? 

Joan Rivers
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The news of Joan Rivers' death hit news headlines close to a decade ago when it was announced that she passed away at a New York City hospital. The star who died in September 2014 had gone through a voice modification procedure that ended up not being successful.

Details Of Her Passing

Rivers was sedated with propofol while the surgery went on, and after the operation, she had low blood oxygen. This would eventually lead to her death as the low oxygen lasted for a prolonged time and resulted in severe brain damage. Her heart would stop moments later as the doctors in charge tried to save her.

Controversies Surrounding Her Death

After the TV personality passed away there were some questions on how the unfortunate incident happened. Many of these questions leaned on whether there was malpractice during the surgery. However, there was no evidence to back it up. The New York City medical examiner's office identified the way in which she died as a "therapeutic complications."

Inside Her Career

Joan Rivers
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Joan Rivers had made name for herself as one of America's revered TV icons. However, she started with Comedy gaining fame in Greenwich village alongside comedians like Richard Pryor and George Carlin. She became the first woman to host a late-night talk show when she starred on The Late Show.

Her Achievements

During her lifetime, the acclaimed host authored 12 best-selling books while releasing three comedy albums. She aced a Grammy nomination and went on to win an Emmy for her daytime show, The Joan Rivers Show. At the time of her death, the media icon was survived by her only daughter Melissa Rives and a grandchild.

Inside Princess Diana's Much-Publicized Life

Joan Rivers' reference to Princess Diana was indeed a sensitive, and even though she joked about it, the late public figure was quite dear to millions. Diana will always go down in history as one of the most loved women in the world by the virtue of her story in the public eye, and her marriage to the now-King of England, Charles III.

Diana's Tumultuous Union With Prince Charles

Princess Diana
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Lady Diana Spencer met the Late Queen Elizabeth's oldest son, Charles, in 1977 after her older sister, Lady Sarah, introduced them. According to Sarah, Diana was Charles' "Miss Right" and vice-versa. Three years later, the duo met again and started dating. The pair had a whirlwind courtship followed by a royal wedding of the century.

It Was All A Facade

Diana's wedding day was one of the most memorable events in the 80s, and while the beautiful bride made a life-changing pact with her husband in the sweetest way, the story was different behind closed doors. In fact, Diana would reveal many years later in a recording that she would have preferred for her husband to go away with Camilla.

Reports About The Eve of Her Wedding

Diana's astrologer, Penny Thorton, revealed that one of the most shocking things the Princess ever told her, was that Charles said he did not love her on the eve of their wedding. Thorton stated that she felt the then Prince Charles did not want to go through with the wedding on "false premises." Diana herself thought twice and did not want to go through with the wedding at first.

The Wedding Day Was Only Glamorous On The Outside

Diana's friend, Peter Settelen, revealed that the princess described the day she got married as "the worst day" of her life. On the outside, a young Diana took her vows in the presence of millions of well-wishers who thoroughly admired her, but on the inside, she was in turmoil.

The Marriage Was Rocky

For the next 15 years, Diana and Charles lived their life before the public eye with every one of their moves making it to the news headlines. They welcome their sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, and things dramatically turned sour.

Diana And Charles Had A Scandalous Union

Prince Diana and Prince Charles
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According to a 1995 interview with BBC, Diana shared that Charles was jealous of her popularity, and he resented the attention she received. The marriage went beyond repair as Charles once revealed that he felt like he was in a cage. Their union was also ladened with cheating rumors on both sides. Eventually, the couple became legally separated in 1992, while the divorce got finalized the following year.

The Princess Tragically Passed Away

Princess Diana
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The former couple lived their separate lives for four years while co-parenting their princes. However, tragedy struck on August 31, 1997 when reports showed that the people's princess had passed away after being involved in a ghastly accident in Paris.