Kate Hudson Reveals Which Role Nicole Kidman Got Instead Of Her

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Beautiful actress Kate Hudson
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Recently, American actress Kate Hudson looked back on her career and recalled a not-so-pleasant experience. The Hollywood icon remembered the time she lost a lead role she really wanted to her fellow actress, Nicole Kidman. Find out more below.

Kate Tried To Land Another Big Role

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Kate has been in the movie industry since 2000, following her role in the cult comedy drama Almost Famous. While the actress's career has largely consisted of rom-coms, she tried to land another award-winning role after Almost Famous wowed critics.

Kate Says She Lost The Lead Role To Nicole 

During a recent appearance on the You're Doing Just Fine…Just Keep Going podcast, Kate revealed she lost the lead in Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge to Nicole. At the time, Kate was 22 while Nicole was 34.

Kate Calls Baz Luhrmann Inspiring

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Recalling that time in her career, the actress said her audition for Moulin Rouge was one of her favorites as Baz was so much fun and inspiring. However, things didn't work out as she wanted.

Kate Says She Really Wanted The Part 

Kate said she didn't get the part because Baz went "way older" by casting Nicole. The actress said she really wanted that part, adding that it was written for a 19-year-old girl at the time.

Kate Says Nicole And Baz Had A Relationship

The Hollywood icon then explained how she believed her colleague got the job instead of her. Kate alleged that Nicole had a working relationship with Baz.

More About Kate's Claims

Actress Kate Hudson
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Kate also speculated that her colleague's chances of getting the role were elevated because she and Baz were from Australia. So, when Nicole said she wanted the lead role, she got it.

Kate Was Bummed Out 

Kate said she was sad because she felt very connected to how Baz did his things. The actress concluded by noting that she really wanted that part, and not getting it left her bummed out.

Inside Nicole's Role As Satine

Nicole went on to star in Moulin Rouge in 2001, becoming one of her career's biggest hits. In the musical romance drama, the actress played the role of Satine.

Who Did Nicole Star In The Movie With?

Nicole appeared alongside Ewan McGregor, who played Christian, one of the major characters. Moulin Rouge's story centered around Christian, an English writer, who traveled to Paris to join the Bohemian Revolution.

When Christian Met Satine

There, he visited the city's biggest nightclub, Moulin Rouge, and fell in love with its star performer and courtesan, Satine. The movie was a hit, generating millions of dollars.

Nicole Bags An Oscar Nomination 

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Besides giving Nicole the international recognition she needed to boost her career, the Australian actress's role earned her her first Oscar nomination at the 2002 Academy Awards.

Nicole Gets An Oscar Award

Unfortunately, Nicole lost out to Halle Berry in Monster's Ball. The following year, the Hollywood icon would clinch an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in The Hours.

Nicole Celebrates 'Moulin Rouge' 20 Years Later

In 2021, Nicole reminisced about her favorite moments from filming Moulin Rouge to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Taking to Instagram, the actress noted that the greatest thing she learned was to love and be loved.

Kate Did Not Give Up

For Nicole, appearing as Satine was the boost her career needed. However, for Kate, it was a sign that she needed to keep working hard and not give up on her dreams.

Kate Focused On The Future

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During the podcast, Kate said she tried not to think of the roles she had missed or passed on. According to her, she didn't ever want to think that one decision could change the trajectory of one's life.

Kate's Other Roles

Thankfully for the actress, focusing on what was ahead was what she needed to amass incredible fame and fortune. Kate went on to star in a string of popcorn hits like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Bride Wars, You, Me and Dupree, and the horror film, The Skeleton Key.

Kate's Current Project

Kate Hudson is set to appear in the comedy A Little White Lie. Directed by Michael Maren, the film centers on a handyman living in New York City who is mistaken for a famous reclusive writer. 

The Film's Release Date

The handyman is brought to a university to deliver a keynote address to save the school’s literary festival. The movie is set to hit the screens next month, on March 3. 

Who Are The Cast Members?

Besides Kate, the movie will feature Perry Mattfield, Peyton List, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Zach Braff, Wendy Malick, and many other talented actors.