Howard Stern Calls Out Rihanna For Super Bowl Lip-Syncing

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Radio presenter Howard Stern
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The 2023 Super Bowl saw some of the most iconic performances from some of the music industry's best, including pop diva Rihanna. However, while many applauded the singer for her electrifying performance, American radio personality Howard Stern didn't enjoy it. Find out what Howard said about Rihanna's Super Bowl performance below.

Rihanna At The 2023 Super Bowl

Rihanna performing during Super Bowl 2023
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On February 12, 2023, Rihanna graced the Super Bowl stage to give a 13-minute performance of some of her hit songs. This marked the first time she performed on live television since 2018 when she joined DJ Khaled on the Grammy's stage to sing Wild Thoughts.

Inside Rihanna's Performance 

Rihanna doing her thing at Super Bowl 2023
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Rihanna started her Super Bowl performance in a scarlet jumpsuit and chunky red trainers and was suspended on a platform high above the field as she sang her single, B***h Better Have My Money.

More Details About The Icon's Act 

Rihanna moved her body as little as possible, with her backup dancers doing most of the dance moves. After performing 10 of her hit songs, Rihanna concluded with the one-two punch of Umbrella and then Diamonds.

Howard Calls Rihanna Out 

Howard Stern on SiriusXM

A day after the event, Howard called out a pregnant Rihanna for lip-syncing during her performance. During an episode of the Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM, the comedian said 85 percent of Rihanna's performance was lip-synced.

Robin Quivers Joins In

Howard explained that even though he could be wrong, he was sure the singer mimed and didn't know why she bothered to show up. Robin Quivers, his longtime co-host, also pitched in on the conversation, supporting Howard's claims.

Robin Highlights Rihanna's Lip-Syncing 

While pointing out the time he believed the Grammy award-winner's lip-syncing was evident, Robin explained that during the performance, Rihanna put the microphone down to her knees. Robin noted that Rihanna's lips weren't moving, but the voices from the music kept going.

More Thoughts From Howard 

Radio personality Howard Stern
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Howard referenced Rihanna's pregnancy, noting that he had a theory. According to him, Rihanna was not lip-syncing, but she put the microphone near her private area, so the new baby could speak, adding that the baby was singing backup.

Rihanna Reveals Pregnancy In Grand Style 

Singer Rihanna
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Speaking of Rihanna's pregnancy, the pop diva shocked her fans during her Super Bowl performance when she zipped down her all-red outfit to reveal her pregnancy, confirming that she and A$AP Rocky are expecting a second child less than a year after welcoming their son.

A Representative Confirms The News 

Rihanna and her first son
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Although many fans found the revelation hard to believe, Rihanna's representative confirmed the baby news shortly after her Super Bowl halftime performance. Meanwhile, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's first child's name remains unknown.