Chilling Details Emerge From 911 Dispatch on Lindsay Clancy

Chisom Ndianefo
Family Picture of Lindsay Clancy, Patrick, and two children, a boy and a girl.
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Tragedy strikes in Massachusetts after a nurse, Lindsay Clancy, allegedly attempted murder/suicide with her three children being the victims. Unfortunately for her, the plan failed as she survived her 20-ft fall.

New Development In The Killer Nurse Case

A nurse with face mask and an injection.
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Her husband called 911 before Clancy jumped so the first responders were there to intercept the fall. They waited outside her home in Duxbury to intercept her fall.

911 Call Unveiled

Although Clancy hit the ground and sustained some impact injuries, the first responders where there to prevent her suicide from happening. A new recording from the frantic 911 call reached the internet and provided more context to the situation.

Emergency Responders

An ambulance on its way.
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Three minutes after the distress call, a dispatcher informed the rest of the team about the situation so they could arrive prepared. They didn't know where Clancy kept the sharp object used to slash her neck, but they suspected it was a knife.

One Survivor - The 7-Month-Old Baby

The dispatchers on the ground found Clancy's victims in her basement and reported their conditions as dead on arrival. They first saw two of the children, then found the third one positioned away from the duo.

The Victims

Clancy's children were pediatrics, with the eldest, Cora, 5, and the other two, Callan, 7 months, and Dawson, 3. Callan survived for some days but was in critical condition in the hospital until he gave up the ghost.

All Emergency Respondents On Ground

Firetrucks packed side by side.
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The medics weren't the only first responders on ground as the 911 dispatch sent firefighters to evaluate the situation.

Possible Post-Partum Depression

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Authorities suspect the Caucasian woman suffered post-partum depression following Callan's birth but the DOJ's office hasn't substantiated the claim.

Not-Guilty Plea

Clancy's defense team intends to plead not-guilty by means of insanity saying the alleged killer acted based on medication.

Courting Public Opinion

Clancy's lead lawyer, Kevin Reddington, spoke to the press, saying,

"The horrific overmedication of drugs caused homicidal and suicidal ideations."

Evidence Of Medical Negligence

Colored pills.
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Reddington intends to prove that the Clancy sought medical help in the weeks leading to the mass murder. They told their doctor the postpartum drugs zombified the nurse.

Forensic Psychiatric Evaluation

The defense team won its petition to get a professional forensic psychiatric evaluation on Clancy to build their mental insanity case.

Callan's Death Ups The Ante

An infant in the ICU.
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When the case first started, only Dawson and Cara were confirmed dead but with Callan's death, Clancy faces updated charges.

Her Husband Asks For Forgiveness On Her Behalf

Clancy's husband, Patrick, wants the world to know his wife was a good person before her postpartum struggles. He opened a fundraiser for her defense, saying she's a loving person who needs to find peace.

Eight Charges And Counting

The former nurse faces charges of double murder, triple assault and battery with a deadly weapon and three strangulation violations. The DA"s office hopes at least one of those eight charges will stick.