Joe Exotic's Final Wish Before Prison: Leave Everything to Fiancé

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Joe Exotic
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Joe Exotic is taking necessary steps to ensure his wishes are strictly adhered to should he die anytime from now. He recently signed a new will that leaves ownership of all his properties and cash to his latest fiance, and he also expressed his desire not to be resuscitated should things go bad.

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The Phone Call

Joe Exotic

In a phone call conversation obtained by TMZ, Exotic instructs what should be done if he ever passes away behind bars. He says that his property should go to Seth Posey, his latest fiance, who he met via the internet.

What If Posey Dies?

Well, Exotic also states that if his fiance passes away, then all the inheritance goes to Posey's son Cameron.

Nobody Else Get The Spoils

He made it clear that he wouldn't want anybody else to lay their hands on his assets or valuables, including Jeff Lowe, his close family members, or even his friends. Everything goes to Posey.

DNR Order

Joe Exotic

He also leaves a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order in his will should he go into cardiac arrest or anything that requires life-saving techniques. Sources revealed that he is frustrated that he has been behind bars for this period and claims he's done.

Joe Exotic's Statement To TMZ

Exotic revealed he was tired of standing in line and waiting to collect his stuff, which prompted him to take active measures toward his death rather than leave his properties for people he considers vultures. He also left behind specific funeral plans after his death.

Seth and Joe Reunion

Joe Exotic saying, "I am never going to financially recover from this."

The pair reunited in June after their first meeting in 2021 when Posey won Joe's online Bachelor King competition to become Joe's boyfriend.

Growing Apart

Posey and Exotic eventually broke up, which saw Joe make wedding plans with his fellow inmate John Graham, but when Graham got released from prison, Joe and Posey found their way back to each other.

Following their prison nuptials plan, Exotic purchased a custom-made $11,500 all-white tuxedo for himself and Graham.

Joe's Sentence

Carole Baskin

The former zookeeper is currently serving a 22-year sentence for plotting to kill his arch-nemesis Carole Baskin, and he still has about 20 years left on his prison sentence. He allegedly believes the feds hope he dies in prison, allowing them to get away with the fact that they were wrong with their allegations against him and his sentence.

Final Word For A Few

Joe Exotic saying "I don't own anything."

He further tells TMZ that Carole, Jeff Lowe, and James Garretson "can all go to h**l."