Keanu Reeves Catches Locals By Surprise At Hertfordshire Pub

Chisom Ndianefo
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It's not every day you run into "John Wick" at your local pub, but some English folks got the pleasure of meeting Keanu Reeves. The 58-year-old Canadian actor surprised the staff at The Robin Hooda small English pub in Tring, Hertfordshire, with a rare appearance.

Making A Rare Appearance

Stopping by the pub wasn't enough for Reeves, who's typically reclusive and avoids the spotlight. He granted fans access to him for pictures and chats after enjoying a meal of Fish & Chips with Nat's Shepherd's Pie.

The Most Humble Celebrity

Keanu Reeves in John Wick
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The bar's manager, Laura Rolfe, revealed that the star ordered a pint of Seafarers Ale (a beer) to go with his meal, and he had male company. It was shocking enough that a global superstar graced their small pub, but Reeves proceeded to engage the kitchen staff before leaving the bar.

The Staff Remained Polite

Rolfe said the staff did their best to respect the Matrix star's privacy because he deserved to enjoy his meal in peace like other customers. However, it's not easy to act normal in the presence of a worldwide star.

He Left As Soon As Possible

The actor reportedly shook hands with the staff and exchanged pleasantries before news got around and other residents got wind of his presence. It's all well and good as Reeves is currently dealing with a stalker who claims that they're related.

Restraining Orders For Him And His Partner

Keanu Reeves as John Wick
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Reeves got a temporary restraining order from an L.A. Superior Court against the stalker, a 38-year-old man claiming they are related. He requested an additional restraining order for his partner Alexandra Grant to protect her from becoming this person's target.

LAPD Advised Him To Get The Restraining Orders

As per The Hollywood Reporter, the stalker traced Reeves to his house and trespassed on his property. He also left a DNA test kit for the actor to confirm his relationship allegations. Reeves requested the restraining orders per advice from the LAPD.

The Stalker Has A Criminal History

The stalker reportedly has a criminal record and suspicious history of breaking and entering causing the actor to be wary of his sudden attention. This incident comes on the heels of the fourth installment of John Wick coming out this Summer.

What To Expect

Keanu Reeves in John Wick
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Reeves attended Comic Con where he promised fans an unforgettable experience with John Wick: Chapter Four. He said there'll be a "next level car chase" and physical action as he trained hard for the role.

John Wick: Chapter Four

Considering the 58-year-old starred in one of the most interesting action classics of the 20th/21st Century, his admission of John Wick: Chapter Four is the most physically challenging role of his career. This makes us curious.