Shania Twain Talks About Her Favorite Stars: Cher and Madonna

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Shania Twain has been in the music industry for over three decades, providing her fans with premium music from day one. She recently returned after a 15-year hiatus due to health issues, but the singer is back and ready to reclaim her spot as number one.

However, like everyone, the "up" singer has a few people in the music industry she looks up to, as no one is an island.

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Shania Raves About Cher And Madonna

Shania Twain
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Shania Twain praised Cher and Madonna in a new Thursday interview with E! News when she discussed her favorite music industry queens. Of course, Shania is a great fan, and she appreciates Cher because of her wide musical style.

The country legend, 57, praised her fellow icons' "stage presence' and sense of 'aesthetics' after recently detailing his menacing battle with Covid pneumonia.

She Adores Cher And Madonna

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Shania has adored Cher since she was a girl and fondly remembers "seeing her go through all those life changes" before praising the Oscar-winning actress' "fashion sense" and "stage presence."

The hitmaker added that Cher was "funny" and "great in everything she does" before hailing Madonna:

"I love Madonna," she revealed. "I'm a big fan. I always thought her vision of aesthetics were incredible."

She Loves Lizzo's Fun Personality

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The Don't singer seem to have other faves beyond Cher and Madonna as she expresses her admiration for two additional music business titans: Lizzo and Rihanna.

Shania Twain told E! News,

"Lizzo is so fun and puts her heart on her sleeve, and I love her for it."

Lizzo has five nominations for the 2023 Grammy Awards, which take place on Sunday.

She Loves Rihanna

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And as for Rihanna, Twain paid her cap to the Fenty mogul for being "a beauty queen and a fashion icon" before complimenting her vocal abilities:

"I genuinely believe her voice is one of the most moving voices. It has a depth that is mysterious."

On Being An Inspiration

Shania has undoubtedly paved the path for women in music, recalling defending herself to guys in the industry, always sticking up for myself [and] standing up for my creative ideas.

One of those concepts was "going braless early on in her videos," which she claimed was quite controversial in her category.

But, being the icon she is, Shania insisted on "doing it anyway."

Detailing All About The Abuse

Shania was sexually molested by her stepfather when she was ten, according to the Forever and Always singer.

Shania came up about her stepfather's traumatic childhood sexual assault in an emotional interview on the Today Show on Thursday.

Assaulted By Her Step-Father

The You're Still The One singer first alleged in 2018 that her stepfather, Jerry Twain, assaulted her. Jerry Twain died in a car accident alongside Shania's mother, Sharon, in 1987.

The Effect Of The Abuse

Child abuse
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The long-term effects of the abuse and how being tickled as a youngster by her stepfather had harmed her confidence.

Promoting Her Latest Album

Shania is now on a press tour to promote the release of her sixth studio album Queen of Me, on February 3rd, and her upcoming Queen of Me tour, which begins in April.