Keanu Reeves Receives Protection From Alleged Stalker

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Keanu Reeves
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Stalking is never a good experience for the affected person. Apart from the physical risk it poses, there's also the mental pressure of having to look over your shoulder at all times. Keanu Reaves is the latest victim of a stalking case from a man who claims they're family. He's taking legal steps on the matter, and he's making major headway.

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Stalker Alert

Keanu Reeves
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John Wick actor and star Keanu Reeves has been granted protection from an unknown man who showed up at his doorstep and claimed they're somehow related by blood. He made further claims that the man had tried to invade his privacy as recently as January 20.

Seeking Protection

Keanu Reeves

Reeves then sought a temporary restraining order against the stalker via his lawyer Mathew Rosengart. The filing sought to protect him and his partner Alexandra Grant from a 38-year-old man known as Bryan Dixon, who he confirmed to have been harassing them for months.

Hiring Protection

Red flags
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New legal documents obtained by news outlets showed that Reeves previously hired a private security firm to investigate Dixon after he reported his stalking activities.

What Did The Stalker Do?

Keanu Reeves
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The actor claimed that the stalker showed up at his home unannounced and found different ways to enter the property. Documents claimed the stalker trespassed 6 times between November and January.

Entering The Property For The First Time

Keanu Reeves
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Keanu revealed the stalker entered the compound for the first time on November 5, and he entered through a side gate and fell asleep in the backyard before authorities discovered and sent him out.

Showing Up At The House With A DNA Kit

Keanu Reeves
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Reports confirmed that Dixon returned the following morning and left behind a strange and alarming backpack in the house, which included a home DNA kit that he intended to use on Mr. Reeves to prove their connection further.

Some Existing Red Flags

Reeves's legal team confirmed Dixon and Reeves have no existing connection, but they have also dug on their own and discovered red flags. Dixon currently has a bench warrant issued against him in Rhode Island for trying to break into a property with the intent of felony, handling of burglary tools, and crimes of vandalism.

Disturbing Messages On Social Media

Social Media
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The team claimed this stalker continually posts weird messages on social media where he referred to himself as Jasper Keith Reeves. He has decided to assign all his personal belongings and rights to the actor and put Reeves in charge of his well-being.

Temporary Restraining Order

Keanu Reeves
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The judge has now granted a temporary restraining order barring him from gaining access to the property or even coming within 100 yards of Reeves and his partner.