Bindi Irwin Mourns the Passing of a Loved One

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The Irwins
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Recently, Bindi Irwin announced the sad death of a beloved family member. The Wildlife warrior, whose father is the late "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, shared the sad news that the family's Rhinoceros Iguana tragically passed away at 42. Here are the details.

The Irwin Family Lost A Loved One

On January 28, 2023, the Irwin family said goodbye to their Rhinoceros Iguana, Rhino. Three days later, Bindi took to her Instagram page to share a video in memory of the family's beloved reptile.

Bindi Mourned Rhino Alongside Her Family

Bindi Irwin
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In the clip, Bindi mourned Rhino's tragic death alongside her mother, Terri, brother Robert, and husband, Chandler Powell. The quartet had bright smiles as they opened up about the lizard, which spent over three decades with the Australian zoo family.

When Did Rhino Join The Family?

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The emotional family members began by confessing that Rhino joined the family in 1993, one year after Steve and Terri got married and before any of the couple's children arrived. 

The Family Opened Up About The Lizard's Life 

Robert playing with Rhino
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According to them, the lizard lived an amazing life and was a special part of the family. At some point in the clip, Bindi became overwhelmed with emotions while talking and Robert stepped in to share a glimpse into the animal's life.

Rhino Had A Guinness World Record

Robert explained that Rhino was born in 1980 and received a Guinness World Record for being the oldest Rhinoceros Iguana. Robert also disclosed that Rhino loved hibiscus flowers and was always full of energy and sass.

Rhino Lived A Brilliant Life 

Robert noted that the lizard's quality of life was a hundred percent daily. Robert further revealed that Rhino lived a brilliant life every day, which was what the family held onto.

Rhino Was A Special Part Of The Family 

The Irwins celebrate Rhino's life
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Bindi's husband, Chandler, was not left out, as he also had great things to say about the animal. The 23-year-old mentioned that Rhino was a special part of the family because he was the first animal anyone saw when they walked through the zoo gates.

Rhino Greeted Guests 

Rhino greeted guests
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According to Chandler, Rhino greeted every guest that came through the Australian zoo doors. Overall, he lived his best life and brought joy and happiness to everyone around him.

The Irwin Family Spread Rhino's Ashes 

The Irwins spraying Rhino's ashes
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The concluding part of the video showed heartbreaking clips of the Irwin family spreading Rhino's ashes beneath a tree in the Rhinoceros enclosure.

Why Was Documenting The Process Important?

Explaining the family's decision to document the tear-jerking moment, Bindi said although it was sad, the family didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to share Rhino one last time with the world.

Terri Shares More Details About Their Decision 

Terri mentioned that Rhino was an endangered species, and it was important for the world to know what a Rhinoceros Iguana looked like.

Rhino's Ashes Were Spread In The Rhinoceros Enclosure 

Regarding the family's choice to spread the lizard's ashes in the Rhinoceros enclosure in the African Savannah, Bindi explained that the location was where the Irwin family's real and large rhinos lived.

The Concluding Part Of The Clip 

Steve Irwin playing with Rhino
instagram | Bindi Irwin/Instagram

The video ended with some tear-jerking footage of the wildlife conservationist, Steve Irwin, in happier times gushing over Rhino as he introduced the lizard to the world.

Another Irwin Family Loss

Rhino's death comes nearly six months after Bindi and her family mourned the loss of the Australia Zoo's echidna — a relative of the platypus, also called a spiny anteater — which she and her family looked after for almost four decades.