Original Wednesday Addams Passes Away at 64

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Lisa Loring has died
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Lovers of the 1960s American Sitcom The Addams Family will never forget Lisa Loring, who played Wednesday Addams when she was six. Sadly, the actress has passed away nearly six decades after the show aired. Here are the details.

Lisa's Friend Announces Her Death 

Lisa Loring death announced
Facebook | Laurie Jacobson/Facebook

According to reports, Lisa died on January 28, 2023, at 64. The actress's death was confirmed the following day in a heartbreaking social media post by her close friend, Laurie Jacobson. Laurie noted Lisa suffered a massive stroke four days before her death.

Lisa Was On Life Support 

According to the friend, the stroke was brought on by Lisa's smoking habit and high blood pressure. Following the massive stroke, the actress was placed on life support for three days. However, Lisa's family decided it was best to remove her from the machine, leading to her demise.

Lisa Had Amazing Qualities 

Furthermore, Laurie disclosed that Lisa was embedded in the pop culture tapestry and will forever be in their hearts as Wednesday Addams. She also described her friend as beautiful, kind, and a loving mother.

Lisa Will Always Be Remembered 

To wrap it up, Laurie confessed that Lisa's legacy in the entertainment industry was huge, adding that the legacy, which included a wealth of humor, affection, and love, will play long in her friends and family's memories.

Inside Lisa's Role As Wednesday Addams 

Lisa was the first to play Wednesday Addams in the live-action adaptation of Charles Addams' New Yorker cartoons. Her edition of the series ran between 1964 and 1966, running for 64 episodes in total.

The Character's Dark Part

The sitcom lovers saw the legend feature as a sweet but gloomy girl who loved collecting creepy pets, including a lizard named Lucifer, a black widow spider named Homer, and a headless doll.

Lisa Reprised Her Role 

Actress Lisa Loring
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After the show ended, Lisa went on to reprise her Wednesday Addams role in the 1977 television movie Halloween with the New Addams Family. She also made several appearances on other television programs.

Lisa's Other Acting Credits 

Some of the shows Lisa starred in include The Phyllis Diller Show, The Girl from U.N.C.L.E., Fantasy Island, Barnaby Jones, and As the World Turns, where she had a recurring role as Cricket Montgomery. Her last acting credit was in 2015 in the film Doctor Spine.

Who Is Lisa Leaving Behind?

Away from the camera, Lisa also had an interesting life. She was married four times, with her last marriage ending in 2008. She is survived by her two daughters, Marianne and Vanessa, and two grandchildren, Emiliana and Charles.