Priscilla Presley Disputes Lisa Marie's Trust Document

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Nearly a week after Lisa Maria Presley was buried at Graceland, issues are brewing. What's astonishing is that the individuals engaged are Riley Keough, Lisa Marie's daughter, and her mother, Priscilla Presley.

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The Battle For the Position Of Trustee

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Priscilla Presley has been pitted against Riley Keough in shocking court records, who claims that she was removed from her position as trustee and that her daughter Lisa Marie's "inconsistent signature" was used instead.

Filing Paperwork

Priscilla filed legal paperwork to set aside an amendment to Lisa Marie's 2010 trust that removes her and her daughter's former business manager Barry Siegel as trustees and replaces them with Riley and the late Ben Keough.

Riley would be the only trustee for Lisa Marie's inheritance due to Ben Keough's suicide in 2020, but Priscilla intends to invalidate this change.

Priscilla Doubts The Authenticity Of The Document

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Priscilla reportedly doubts the legitimacy and authenticity of the amendment because it was never delivered to her, the document's date is suspicious, Priscilla's name is misspelled, and Lisa Marie's signature "appears inconsistent with her usual and customary signature," according to legal documents obtained by TMZ.

Are Priscilla And her Granddaughter Beefing With Each Other?

Benjamin committed suicide in 2020, and Lisa severed relations with Siegel after alleging that he had emptied her bank accounts. The modification would leave Riley as the only trustee since Benjamin has passed away.

Priscilla desires the voiding of the amendment. As a result, Priscilla is directly at odds with her first grandchild.

Announcing Her Passing

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Lisa Marie, Elvis Presley's only child and the sole person to inherit Graceland suffered a heart arrest on Friday morning and was taken to the hospital. A couple of hours later, her mother Priscilla Presley, 77, announced her passing.

“It is with a heavy heart that I must share the devastating news that my beautiful daughter Lisa Marie has left us,” she revealed.

Making Her Daughters Heirs

Lisa Marie and her daughters

According to a Graceland official quoted in the Los Angeles Times, Lisa Marie still held a trust that gave her children the right to inherit Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley, which is now a popular tourist destination.

Sued Her Manager For Misappropriation Of Funds

However, when she sued Siegel in 2018, claiming that he had mismanaged her finances and caused her $100 million trust to shrink to $14,000 in cash by 2016, a thorough picture of her financial status became public.

What Killed Lisa Marie?

Lisa Marie's grief essay

While many seem to attribute Lisa Maria's untimely passing to the grief she faced from losing her son in 2020, others think her passing is caused by the family heart ailment most of the Presleys suffer from. Although the late singer's cause of date remains unknown.

Leaving Behind Her Mom And 3 Girls

However, Lisa Marie is survived by her mom and three daughters.