Did Tim Allen Really Flash Pamela Anderson on 'Home Improvement'?

Jordan Claes
A close-up photo of Tim Allen, wearing a black and red checkered shirt.
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The '90s was a decade positively bursting with Hollywood icons, arguably none more famous (or infamous) than former Playmate, Pamela Anderson. In a matter of months, Pam went from the fringes of obscurity to the forefront of Hollywood gossip columns.

Known for her tenure on Baywatch and the film Barb Wire, Pam's big break came thanks to the Tim Allen sitcom, Home Improvement. Now, as her scintillating memoir has hit shelves, Pam has come forward with damning allegations against the Tool Man.

The '90s Was A Golden Age For TV Sitcoms.

Tim Taylor and Al Borland on the set of 'Tool Time' in 'Home Improvement'.

The '90s introduced TV audiences to Friends, Frasier, and one of the more underappreciated gems of its time — Home Improvement.

'Home Improvement' Starred Tim Allen As Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor.

Tim Allen bringing a sledgehammer into focus on 'Home Improvement'.
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Tim Taylor was a capable, albeit bumbling handyman, obsessed with instilling "more power" into each and every home renovation/repair he undertook — often with hilarious (and painful) consequences).

The Show Also Starred Richard Karn As Tim's Dutiful Assistant, As Well As A Young Pamela Anderson.

Tim, Lisa, and Al on the set of 'Tool Time' in 'Home Improvement'.

This was before Pam's Baywatch breakout; when she was still cutting her teeth and biding her time as an up-and-coming Hollywood star.

Fast-Forward To Today And The Former Playboy Bunny Is Set To Release Her Tell-All Memoir.

The memoir was released at the end of January, and not surprisingly contains some spicy stories and serious allegations regarding her tenure on Home Improvement.

In The Book, Titled 'Love, Pamela', Anderson Alleges That Tim Exposed Himself To Her.

The incident allegedly took place on the very first day of filming, when Pam was just 23 years old.

"On The First Day Of Filming, I Walked Out Of My Dressing Room, And Tim Was In The Hallway In His Robe," Pam Writes.

Pam Anderson sitting in the lifeguard tower on 'Baywatch'.
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"He opened his robe and flashed me quickly — completely naked underneath."

According To Pam's Memoir, Tim Thought It Was All A Big Joke.

Tim and Jill Taylor standing in their living room in 'Home Improvement'.

"He said it was only fair because he had seen me naked. 'Now we’re even.' I laughed uncomfortably," she continued.

Tim Allen Has Heard The Allegations Made Against Him And Denies Pam's Claim, Outright.

Tim Allen blinking in disbelief in 'The Santa Clause'.

Tim vehemently denies that the incident ever took place in the first place, and doubled down by saying he'd never, under no circumstances, do such a thing.

While This Is Without A Doubt One Of The Biggest Revelations Of Pam's Book, It's Far From The Only One.

In her memoir, Pam also asserts that Tommy Lee was the love of her life and that their infamous sex tape was the cause of their marital breakdown. Look for Love, Pamela on shelves beginning January 31st.