Pig Awakens From Slumber And Kills Butcher In Hong Kong

Ashley Hunte
Pigs are considered highly intelligent.
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A part of the meat industry that often isn't talked about is the fact that animals need to be slaughtered before they reach our plates. While the methods used to slaughter animals around the world typical meet certain standards, that doesn't mean they always go smoothly.

A butcher in Hong Kong passed away after being attacked by a pig that had regained consciousness in a slaughterhouse. The pig had been sedated and set to be slaughtered.

The Butcher Had Been Working Last Friday When The Attack Occurred, According To Local Media.

A group of pigs in a farm.
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The butcher, 61, worked at the Sheung Shui Slaughterhouse in northern Hong Kong, not far from the border to mainland China.

The Pig, Which Was Previously Sedated, Regained Consciousness.

Two pigs behind a fence.
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The pig had been rendered unconscious with the use of a stun gun, and was about to be slaughtered by the butcher.

But It Regained Consciousness And Knocked The Butcher Over.

A pig in mud.
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The struggling pig knocked the butcher down, who then sustained an injury from a 15 inch cleaver.

The Butcher Was Later Found By A Colleague.

Two pigs outside a barn.
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They found the man passed out with the cleaver still in his hand.

The Colleague Also Identified The Injury.

The incident took place in the city of Hong Kong.
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The wound from the cleaver was on the butcher's left foot, according to authorities. The man was promptly taken to hospital.

His Death Would Be Confirmed Later.

A small pig in a farm.
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According to authorities, the butcher's cause of death has not been determined.

The City's Labor Department Responded To The Incident.

The department of labor responded to the incident.
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They have since launched a full investigation into what had occurred that day.

They Also Released A Statement.

The department offered condolences to the family.
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"The Labour Department is saddened by the death of the person and expresses its deepest sympathy to his family," the statement said, per CNN.

They Plan To Work Hard To Find Answers.

The department is committed to its investigation.
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"We will complete the investigation as soon as possible to identify the cause of the accident, ascertain the liability of the duty holders and recommend improvement measures," The statement continued.

The Department Will Investigate Any Possible Labor Violations.

A pig standing in hay.
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"We will take actions pursuant to the law if there is any violation of the work safety legislation," they concluded in the statement.

Hong Kong's Food and Environmental Hygiene Department Also Expressed Their Condolences.

The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department also offered condolences.
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The department oversees livestock slaughterhouses.

Pigs Are Considered To Be Intelligent Creatures.

A woman with a pig.
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Pigs display high levels of intelligence -- higher than most dogs. They're also incredibly hygienic, despite common myths.

Pigs Are Also Rarely Violent.

A group of multiple pigs.
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Unless they feel that they or their young are in danger, pigs typically do not display aggression.

It Is Unclear What Occurred To The Pig In The Slaughterhouse At This Time.

A pig standing against a fence.
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Whether the pig escaped is currently unknown.