Chris Evans Teases Jeremy Renner with a Snowcat Joke

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner
Getty | Mat Hayward

It's almost a month since Jeremy Renner's unfortunate snow plow accident. In a recent Twitter post, the actor announced that he has 30+ broken bones but is getting strong. Also, the accident didn't break his spirit or sense of humor, as his 6.1 million followers know so well.

Gratitude For The Fans

Renner thanked his fans for supporting him with good wishes throughout his recovery journey. He said his broken bones would heal and strengthen as his family and friends showed him.

Chris Evans Jumps In

Renner's co-star from the Marvel Cinematic Universe quoted his tweet with praises for his resilience. The actor also joked, saying people should check on the erring Snowcat as Renner has proven himself stronger than the heavy pound equipment.

Sense Of Humor Still Intact

Renner replied to his friend, saying he checked on the snowcat and it needed refueling, thus suggesting it won't traumatize him from plowing snow after recovery.

The Accident

Renner suffered a life-threatening snowplow accident a day after the new year celebration. He had his family over for the holiday festivities and got snowed in his Nevada home. Renner attempted to shovel the snow in the driveway when a heavy snowcat fell on him.

Getting Two Surgeries

The equipment crushed his chest, causing several broken bones and a need for emergency surgery. An ambulance carried him to the hospital, where Renner underwent two surgeries in the ICU before being transferred out.

Family In The Hospital

The actor's family visited him in the hospital and spent time with him as he recovered. Throughout the last two weeks, Renner shared updates on all his socials - Instagram and Twitter keeping his friends and fans in the loop of his recovery journey.

Updating Family And Friends

The moment he was strong enough to post, Renner thanked everyone for checking on him despite being in critical condition post-surgery. The latest update showed that the actor is doing much better and has started physiotherapy to regain the utmost mobility in his limbs.

New Year Resolutions

Renner added his routine in the caption saying he's undergoing physical therapy with morning workouts. His new year resolutions changed after the accident as it now focuses on Renner getting better.

Getting Ready To Return To The Screen

Meanwhile, the actor's series, Mayor of Kingstown, released its second season during his hospital stay. Renner can't wait to return to the studio and continue the projects he started before the festive break.