Gift of Life: Wife of Slain NYPD Officer Reveals She's Pregnant

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Slain NYPD officer, Jason Rivera's wife announced that she's expecting a baby following her husband's death. The NYPD police officer died in a shoot-out with his partner, Wilbert Mora, last year.

Losing Her Long-Time Love

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Rivera's widow, Dominique Luzuriaga, thanked God for giving her a great gift in light of losing her longtime love. She made the announcement during her late husband and his partner's memorial service.

Hoping For A Rebirth

Luzuriaga shared a sweet message about her husband's passing saying,

"God works in mysterious ways through sorrow and pain, there can also be a rebirth."

Their Miracle Baby

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The widow then shared the good news of her pregnancy saying she's expecting a "miracle" (baby) this Spring. The cathedral erupted in cheer as the memorial guests celebrated the impending birth of new life.

Teaching Her Child About Her Father

Luzuriaga added that although her husband was dead, she felt his spirit would remain around to protect her child. The new mom promised her unborn child she'd teach them about their father.

"We will never forget Jason's tremendous legacy of success and ultimate sacrifice."

Only Married For A Few Months

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The unfortunate shootout cut Luzuriaga's time with Rivera short as they'd only been married for a few months after dating for years. They were childhood sweethearts with the widow being 23 and her late husband dying at 22.

Getting Pregnant Through Insemination

Dominique Luzuriaga and Jason Rivera.
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Rivera made it to the hospital severely injured but not in the emergency room. Harlem hospital pronounced him dead; she became pregnant after Rivera's death through artificial insemination as she wanted to keep a part of her husband with her.

Getting Inspiration From Another Widow

Luzuriaga drew inspiration from the life of another slain cop's widow, Wenjian Liu. Liu lost her husband in 2017 but got pregnant through AI in 2019 using her late husband's frozen sperm. The child from that pregnancy, Angelina, accompanied her to the memorial service for Rivera and his partner, Mora.

Condemning Violence

No to violence
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The Mayor of New York, Eric Adams, attended the memorial and shared a sweet word for the late officers while condemning violence in Harlem.

“I cannot imagine the pain that is associated with losing these two men.”

He continued, “Our hearts grieve with you, and 365 days does not allow us to see the pain dissipate,” he added. “We cannot take that pain we are here for you.”

Heroes Of New York City

The NYPD promoted Mora and Rivera posthumously to detective and Mayor Adams described them as heroes of New York City.