Nelly's Bizarre Blinking Goes Viral at Melbourne's Juicy Fest

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Nelly smiling
Getty | Maddie Meyer

Nelly is all anyone can talk about following his performance at Juicy Fest in Melbourne with a viral eye blink. The 48-year-old star has fans concerned about his health due to the now memefied eye blink. He focused on promoting the rest of his tour rather than addressing the suspected health issue.

What Happened?

The Hot in Herre singer wore his signature laidback casual outfit of denim pants, a white t-shirt, and diamond jewelry as he performed his greatest hits. Along the line, Nelly began rolling his eyes and blinking fast while waving his hands.

Was It Intentional?

Fans aren't sure whether he acted uncontrollably or did it purposely based on the photosensitive lights in the background. Others also wondered if the stage fans blew debris into his eyes while performing.

Going Viral

The video is now viral across social media and has caused much chatter. Some people want the Dilemma rapper to give up the tour and treat his perceived health issue, while others encourage Nelly to ignore the naysayers and continue the tour.

The Lights Caused The Blinks

Stage light
Unsplash | Jade Masri

Although Nelly hasn't addressed the viral moment, the star reacted on stage by gesturing at the lights as the erring objects. A fan confirmed they saw the gestures in the comment, saying,

"Someone on stage signaled him to see if he was okay but he gestured at the lights."

Twitter Is In Uproar

Twitter open on a tablet
Unsplash | Souvik Banerjee

Nelly has become a meme on Twitter and Instagram, with fans joking about his eyes fighting for their lives while others wanted to know if he joined the Illuminati. See some of the most out-of-pocket reactions below:

The Juicy Fest In Australia

Melbourne was the third stop in the Australian leg of his Juicy Fest tour, as Nelly previously performed in Brisbane and Sydney. Other superstars at the Juicy Fest tour included Ne-Yo and Ja-Rule as headliners and supporting acts from Lloyd, Mya, and Pretty Rick.

Thankful For The Fans

Fans at an event
Unsplash | Hanny Naibaho

Nelly took to his Instagram in a now-deleted post to thank his Australian fans for rocking with him, saying,

"Thank all of Australia for showing out."

The Final Day

Nelly and the rest of the tour group will end in Perth today, Jan. 20, at the Red Hill Auditorium.

No Stopping Now

The R&B star can't possibly stop now as some people want only one more show to go. Some people said Nelly's last performance was hard to watch, but that's not stopping his hardcore fans from supporting with their presence.