Mourning in Alaska: Polar Bear Kills Mother and Her Infant Son

Ashabi Azeez
Polar bear
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A mom from Alaska and her infant son have met a tragic end after a devastating encounter with a polar bear. Alaskan Troopers detailed the heartrending event.

The Mom And Her Son Were Viciously Attacked

The late mother who has been identified as Summer Myomick and her son, Clyde Ongtowasruk were mauled to death in a remote whaling village in Alaska. The 24-year-old and her little son had been leaving a school in the coastal area of Wales when the bear charged at the.

Alaskan Troopers Shared Details


According to the troopers, Myomick and her son were leaving Kingikmuit School at about 2:30 pm on January 17. The bear had attacked the mother-s0j duo just as they stepped out of the premises. They were said to still be at the school's entrance, and at the sight of the animal, students and teachers rushed inside to secure safety.

The Bear Tried To Get Into The School

Two polar bears
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According to the school's principal. Dawn Hendrickson, the bear tried to go in, but they slammed the door shut to keep it out. She described it as something terrifying that was prepared for.

The School Staff Alerted The Community

Daily Mail reports that the teachers drew the window blinds shut before informing the community of the incident. The bear was later hunted down and killed. However, authorities relayed that as of January 18, those who fired the shots have not been identified.

Classes Were Canceled

An empty classroom
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Following the tragic recent, classes in the school were canceled and in the following days, lessons were taken in a limited capacity. The school runners also got counselors for the students

The Late Myomick

Summer Myomick was described as a mom of two who was married to Clyde Ongtowasruk Sr. Little Clyde was her youngest child as he had an older female sibling, Avatia. The three-year-old was said to have been in her father's care at the time the incident happened. Myomick and her son are the first people since 1990 to have been attacked by a polar bear in Alaska.

The Bear Attack Was In An Unexpected Time Of The Year

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The school was the attack occurred is located a few hundred meters away from the Bering Strait shoreline which would often freeze over in winter. This is often when the bears venture out to hunt walruses. However it was not that time of the year, so the attack was out of normal.

The Incident From 1990

Prior to this unfortunate bear attack, Alaska recorded a similar mishap in 1990 when a man was killed in the village of Point Lay. There was another incident three years later where a polar bear seriously injured a mechanic in a US Air Force station. The victim survived the incident.