Trolled for Having a ‘Husband Hotter Than Me’

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Social comparison is a surefire way to get unhappy. According to studies, comparing yourself to people who appear to have it better than you might harm your self-esteem. Hazel, on the other hand, is not in that situation since she refuses to let any online criticism affect her confidence and sense of self.

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Feeling So Secure

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In a now-viral TikTok, author Hazel McBride said that despite being "average-looking," she feels "so secure" around her attractive spouse.

When Are We Going To See Insanely Hot Women With Average-Looking Men

Keep It Simple

She was seen wearing glasses and not makeup in a video posted on her TikTok, gazing lovingly up at her husband.

She Has Experienced Trolling

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Despite Hazel admitting she had experienced trolling, several viewers reacted to the video to compliment her appearance.

Enjoys Flaunting Her Shy Hubby

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Author and podcast host McBride frequently broadcasts videos of herself and her husband, Paul, who she describes as being quite reserved.

Where They First Met

On a night out in Tenerife, where she worked as a killer whale trainer, the couple first connected four years ago. They currently reside in Amsterdam with their dog, Whiskey.

Hazel frequently remarks about her husband's appearance and blogging about writing.

About Their Appearance In The Viral Video

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However, the five-second clip shows McBride adoringly looking at her partner while they are both dressed for the cold. Her husband had his hair pulled back and sported a 5 o'clock shadow, while the author sported glasses and a ponytail.

TikTok Users Love The Couple

Commenters praised the couple's relationship and praised the couple's enthusiasm.

Tiktokers Reaction

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“Umm gurl? I dont see the average-looking woman? I see two GORGEOUS people,” someone penned. "I am confused sis. Don’t put yourself down like that.” "Does that make you self-conscious at all?”

She even replied to the troll, adding:

“Nope! I am so secure in our relationship and in myself.”

A Trend

The video is a part of what appears to be a TikTok trend where ostensibly unattractive women are using the app to brag about their more gorgeous spouses despite what detractors may say in the comments.

Canadian Influencer Fires Back At Critic

Last year, Canadian influencer Alicia Mccarvell participated in the fad and hit back at those who said that her husband Scott ought to date a woman who was smaller than she was.

She shared a TikTok video of herself and her muscular husband wearing towels at the time.

Unrealistic Expectations

"When the world sees us, it immediately values Scott more than I," according to Mccarvell. They make comments such as, "Oh, she must not have been big when they met," or "Oh, she's got to be rich," among others.

"Or they try to lessen his side of the issue by suggesting he must be gay, or he fetishizes big women," the body acceptance activist stated.

What The Society Believes

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She claimed that we had been led to believe that a physically fit man like Scott could never in a million years fall in love with or be compatible with an overweight woman. And the only reason is that the world has taught us to place a high value on our bodies.

Pay Less Attention To The World

It's common for people to have opinions, but it's not natural to let them affect you. Make it a routine to take care of your body each day.