Shakira's Jam Revelation: How She Found Out Pique Was Cheating

Chisom Ndianefo
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Shakira is making headlines again for the cheating scandal between her and her ex-boyfriend, Gerard Pique. The latest news revealed the singer's hidden talents, which may rival Sherlock Holmes' detective skills.

In a shocking turn of events, fans learned how the 45-year-old discovered the ex-Barcelona player had another lover.

The Missing Jam

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The singer discovered an empty strawberry jam jar in their fridge after her return from a work trip. On the face, it's not a big deal, but when you realize Pique doesn't eat jam, it becomes the biggest piece of a puzzle.

The Perfect Breakup Anthems

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Following the breakup announcement last year, the singer has released three singles, including her record-breaking smash diss BZRP Music Sessions 53 with Bizzarrap.

The other two singles, Monotonia and Te Felicito are breakup anthems for strong women with equally powerful videos.

Pique Replaces The Jam

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The case of the missing jam came up in the video for Te Felicito as the singer replaced her favorite spread with her ex's head in the fridge. It's the most explicit and raw of all her breakup anthems.

Although Shakira used Rauw Alejandro's head in the music video, fans realized she meant the former Barcelona player.

The Children Also Hate Jam

Shakira, Pique and their sons
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Fans wondered if it could've been the boys but Shakira confirmed via ShowNews Today that they hate the fruit spread like their father.

Breaking Records With A Diss Track

BZRP Music Sessions #53 broke the YouTube record for the most-viewed Latin artist video in 24 hours and the highest Spotify debut stream of the year. Shakira made it a simple lyric video with a comic strip twist, thus translating her lyrics for international fans.

No Reconciliation Ever

Shakira and Pique at a football game

The singer wanted everyone to hear her message and feelings about the father of her boys. Shakira said there's no chance of reconciliation, even if Pique grovels as he chose the "low budget" option since she's out of his league (lyrics from BZRP Music Sessions 53).

More Reasons To Be Upset

Although Shakira is upset that Pique, 35, left her for 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti, the singer has more axes to grind. She blames him for her unfortunate run-in with the law - the infamous tax evasion trial and living proximity to his mother.

Invading Their Family's Space

Shakira Recording BZRP Music Sessions 53
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The jam kickstarted the chain of events that led to Pique's exposal but it wasn't the only clue. Shakira saw Marti in the background during one of their zoom calls in 2021. She hates that he couldn't take his then-mistress outside their family home.

No End To The Drama Yet

Since the revelations, the internet has been in an uproar, especially with more news that the singer turned a voodoo doll on her mother-in-law's home (they're neighbors) and now she's building a wall.