The Oldest Person In The World Has Just Died At 118 Years Old

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At 69.8 years for males and 74.9 years for women, the average death age around the world is a few years lower. According to world data, they are 77.8 and 83.3 years old within the European Union, but the oldest person in the world, a French nun named Andre, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 118.

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The Oldest Person In The World

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According to her retirement facility, the 118-year-old French nun who held the longest living record has passed away.

Less Than A Month To 119

Having survived getting Covid last year, Lucile Randon, born on February 11, 1904, when World War I was still ten years away, passed away less than a month before she would have been 119.

When Sister Andre Assumed The Title

Following the passing of a 119-year-old Japanese woman in April of last year, Ms. Randon, who adopted the name Sister Andre after enlisting in a Catholic charitable order in 1944, assumed the title of the oldest person in the world.

Is Aging A French Thing?

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A French woman holds the distinction of being the oldest person ever recorded. Jeanne Louise Calment, born on February 21, 1875, lived for 122 years and 164 days, according to a statement from Guinness World Records.

The Nursing Home Confirmed Her Passing

A nursing facility in Toulon, where she had lived her final years on the Mediterranean coast, confirmed her passing on Tuesday, January 17.

She Passed In Her Sleep

According to spokesman David Tavella, she passed away at her care home while sleeping.

"There is great sadness but... it was her desire to join her beloved brother. For her, it's a liberation"

Who Is The Oldest Living Person Now?

In April 2022, Guinness World Records formally recognized her accomplishment.

However, according to the GRG's World Supercentenarian Rankings List, Maria Branyas Morera, a Spanish citizen who is 115 years old, is currently the oldest person in the world.

When Was She Born?

The nun, famed for her love of cocktails, was born more than ten years before the start of the First World War and was blind in her latter years. She was born the same year as the first subway line in New York City and the first Tour de France.

Raised In A Protestant Family

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She was raised in a Protestant household in the southern town of Ales as the lone female among three males. Every day began with breakfast followed by morning mass for Sister Andre, a governess in Paris, before joining the Daughters of Charity religious order.

Dedicated Her Life To Service

She stopped working full-time in 1979, and, despite being blind and reliant on a wheelchair, she concentrated on helping the elderly until she was 100.

Her Message To The World

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"People should help each other and love each other instead of hating. If we shared all that, things would be a lot better," she once said at the same meeting with journalists. 

Was Not Scared Of Dying

After getting Covid just days before her 116th birthday in 2021, she stated that she "wasn't terrified to die."

She said to the French television station BFM;

"No, I wasn't scared because I wasn't scared to die... I'm happy to be with you, but I would wish to be somewhere else join my big brother and my grandfather and my grandmother."

Blue Zones

Most centenarians are found in the world's "blue zones," or places where people live longer than average, such as in Okinawa in Japan or in Sardinia in Italy.

France Has A Lot Of Centenarians

But despite not being a blue zone, France has 30,000 centenarians, with about 40 being at least 110 years old, according to the statistics bureau Insee.

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