Prince Harry vs. Royal Family: Apology Demands for Meghan

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While some people may be thrilled about the path Prince Harry is trudging down, others aren't, and though it threatens his title, the young Prince couldn't care less as every day opens a new chapter into an insightful revelation of the royal court. Since the publication of Prince Harry's most recent tell-all memoir, Spare, the author has been making headlines following his deep reveals of the Royal family.

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Making Shocking Claims About The Royal Family

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Prince Harry, however, requested that the Royal Family apologize to Meghan Markle after he made several shocking claims in his new book, alleging that his family treated him as though he were "delusional and paranoid."

Asking The Royals To Come Clean

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"You know what you did, and I now know why you did it. And you've been caught out, so just come clean."

Although it is unclear what Harry wanted his family to apologize to his wife for, he insisted that by supporting Meghan, he was engaging in "the good fight."

The Damage Could Have Been Avoided

He asserted that the distance between him and Meghan and the other royals would not have widened so much 'if people had listened' to his worries earlier.

"It was all so avoidable. But they just couldn't help themselves."

The Truth Side Of The Story

Before the publication of his book, Harry appeared to place the responsibility for the conflict on his family in an interview with The Telegraph.

The Duke of Sussex went on to inquire as to why he had to reveal what he thought to be the "truthful" side of the story if it was so upsetting and scandalous.

Seeking Support From Family

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Harry also said that he believed changing the monarchy was in the best interests of his two young children.

He also talked about how the treatment had helped him, but he said he had a hard time convincing his family to be on his side.

Couldn't Get Through To The Royal Family

“That’s when I started trying to explain to them how some of their decisions and some of the things they were doing — or not doing — was going to reflect on them. Badly,”

He continued;

“Especially across the global stage, especially across the Commonwealth, with relation to my now wife. And I couldn’t get through to them. And it wasn’t one or two people that I was trying to get through to.”

Not Seeing Things from His Perspective

The Royals, according to Harry, have not only refused to see things from his point of view but have also destroyed the entire plan because of their desire to dominate them financially, their envy, and this unfortunate situation whereby simply existing outside of their control was an issue.

In his book, Harry makes the claim that members of the royal family frequently briefed the media, especially for Meghan-attacking pieces.

After Archie was born, when he returned from London to Frogmore, he asserted that the very people who were supposed to protect us were involved in all of the rumors that were destroying my wife in front of my very eyes and that every time he entered the nursery, she was sobbing uncontrollably, her tears dripping.

Withholding Some Information

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The Prince asserted there is other additional information he has chosen to hold back because "I just don't want the world to know," adding that doing so might result in his family "never forgiving" him.

In addition, Harry urged his family members to meet with him and apologize to Meghan. Our best bet is that Harry might be correct about the royal family briefing the media, but we expect to learn more soon enough.

Regarding his family, the Prince wished they could sit down with him and have a legitimate dialogue instead of referring to him as delusional.

Hopeful His Brother Would Be Interested In Therapy Someday

Harry has made numerous serious charges against his closest relatives in his memoir Spare and in interviews to promote it.

Harry has publicly acknowledged using the hallucinogenic ayahuasca while receiving treatment for his mental health difficulties. Harry claims that even though William was the one who initially encouraged him to undergo therapy, after he did, he realized there was just going to be a bigger gap between him and his brother on the other side.

He believes the heir will someday take an interest in therapy after the traumatic experience of their childhood.