An Affordable Island In The Caribbean Sea Could Be Yours

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Good news for those interested in owning an island, Iguana Island, a private island with a house and staff, is currently up for sale.

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An Entire Island Up For Sale

A view of the house on the island
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Searching for a place to unwind? An entire island in the Caribbean has been put up for sale, so here's some trendy real estate that's out of reach of the general public. Even better, the asking price is shockingly reasonable.

Located In The Nicaraguan Coast

Iguana Island
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Iguana Island, the subject property, is located 12 miles off the eastern Nicaraguan coast in Bluefield. It has five acres of land, a house, and much more. It is surrounded by clear, blue-green waters and is not in the hurricane belt, the area of the Caribbean that is more likely to see tropical storms and hurricanes.

Modern Standard

A Bedroom
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According to Private Islands Inc., the home was "constructed to modern standards" and contains three bedrooms, vibrantly-colored walls, and a tropical location to put you in a peaceful mood.

Consists Of A Sophisticated Kitchen

The Kitchen inside Iguana island
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Naturally, there is a sophisticated kitchen to bring out your inner chef, a living area, two bathrooms, and a bar.

Enjoy Incredible Views Of The Ocean

Tropical View
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On the wraparound porch, you can sit and take in views of the Caribbean Sea. The ocean surrounding the island is crystal clear and blue.

Affords You The Opportunity To Stay Fit

A good Landscape area
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Alternately, stroll down the boardwalk around the property. In addition, a 28-foot observation tower offers views of the adjacent jungles and the ocean.

Comes With Its Own Employees

A good view area
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According to Private Islands Inc, Iguana Island's longtime employees, including the on-site manager and caretakers, are reportedly willing to continue working for the new owner.

Surrounded By Nature

Iguana Island
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Migrating butterflies and luxurious flora surround the house. Bananas and coconut palms also provide a ton of seclusion and shade.

Watch The Sunset And The Sunrise

Views From Iguana island
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The area is well-known for its breathtaking ocean vistas, sunrises, and sunsets over the water.

Great For Fishing

Fishing site
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You may catch snapper, mackerel, and barracuda from the island's pier. You can also go out to catch tuna, billfish, and wahoo. Additionally, numerous tropical fish may be seen using a snorkel or scuba equipment.

Worried About Insects?

Concerned that insects will prevent you from shining? Worry less since there are also "noticeably fewer biting insects," according to the listing from Private Islands Inc. 

Iguana Island lies beyond the hurricane belt and boasts a nice year-round temperature.

Accessibility Of Supplies

Iguana Island
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On Iguana Island, there is TV, internet, and mobile service. Additionally, because of the close vicinity to Bluefields, supplies are easily accessible. Additionally, there are daily flights from the US to Nicaragua's main city, Managua.

The flight to Bluefields, Nicaragua, where one can easily board a boat to Iguana Island, takes only 45 minutes.

You Can Make The Island Flexible

Iguana island
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Iguana Island might become a retreat, an Airbnb, or a personal getaway. According to the ranking, Nicaragua has a low cost of living and doesn't tax income earned abroad.

According to Private Islands Inc., if the new owner decides to rent out the island, they can also help set one up.

Would You Like To Buy Iguana Island?

If you're considering adding Iguana Island to your property, Private Islands Inc. is selling it.

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