Mini Skirts Are Back and Heidi Klum Is Leading the Charge

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Heidi Klum
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Heidi Klum delighted her 10 million+ Instagram followers with a fun and leggy snap in December 2022. The Project Runway alum and Insta favorite proved she's looking better than ever at 49, posting a sun-drenched outdoor shot of herself and definitely getting leggy in a miniskirt and boots look. Throwing in some fruity energy into her outfit via a shirt with cherry prints on it, the German-born supermodel wowed with her killer figure on show, although with both numbers of likes disabled and no comments allowed, fans didn't get much of a chance to leave positive feedback.

All Leggy In Winter Miniskirt And Boots

Heidi Klum
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Heidi's photo showed her all positive vibes as she strutted around amid graffiti walls and near blue skies.

Throwing out both arms, the ex to singer Seal sizzled in an animal-print miniskirt in black and white, adding plenty of color via a yellow top with cute cherries on it. The blonde also wore a slightly cropped boxy red jacket, plus a killer pair of very leggy red thigh boots.

Going for high heels as she flaunted her mile-long legs, Heidi even matched her red shades to her ensemble, with a series of loving emojis including heart and cherry ones. The mom of four rocked a frosted pink lip with a full face of makeup, also sporting her signature light locks down and styled with bangs.

Miniskirts At 40+

Heidi receives zero complaints about her style choices, and she's even opened up about her wardrobe choices. Back when she was approaching 45, the star told You:

"Maybe people are looking at me, thinking, “You’re still wearing miniskirts at 44?” I’d say to them, “Yeah, because that’s who I am and that’s my choice, to rock the look. If you don’t want to, that’s your choice.”’ Heidi also described her personal fashion style as "eclectic."

Talking Fashion Style

Continuing, Klum added: "I can be many different people. This is why fashion is so powerful and what I love about it. If I have a meeting, I am all business. I want people to respect me."

Give Her Boyfriend Jeans

That said, Heidi did admit to loving downtime days, where she adores a pair of boyfriend jeans. It's all glam for TV, though, where Heidi is currently a judge on America's Got Talent. She joins 50-year-old Sofia Vergara on the judging panel. For more from Heidi and her style, check out her social media.

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