Legendary, Grammy Award-Winner Guitarist, Jeff Beck Dies At 78

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Musician Jeff Beck
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The entertainment industry is mourning as widely influential Grammy Award-winner and Rock n Roll Hall of Famer Jeff Beck passed away. According to reports, the legendary guitarist died aged 78 after a brief illness. Here are the details of the story.

Who Was Jeff Beck?

Guitarist Jeff Beck
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Born in June 1944, Jeff was one of the most iconic guitarists worldwide. He rose to prominence with the Yardbirds and, afterward, fronted the Jeff Beck Group and Beck, Bogert & Appice. Then, in 1975, he switched to an instrumental style, releasing genres ranging from blues rock, jazz fusion, and hard rock.

Inside Jeff's Early Life

Jeff developed a love for music from a very young age. As a child, who grew up in Wallington, South London, he sang in the church choir. The icon chose to nurture his musical gifts and began playing the guitar in his teenage years, getting his first instrument after trying to dupe a music store in a hire purchase scheme.

The Start Of Jeff's Career

For Jeff, becoming a professional and famous guitarist was the goal, which he made sure to pursue. He enrolled in art school in London, after which he began playing with Screaming Lord Sutch. The years that followed were nothing short of blissful as they saw the music god become an international sensation.

Jeff Receives Recognition

For the next couple of decades, Jeff remained a force to reckon with, giving his fans undiluted and unique sounds. As expected, his immense talent didn't go unrewarded, as he bagged many recognitions, including eight Grammy Awards.

Jeff Was A Force To Reckon With

Jeff's career in the music industry continued till the 21st century, laying a path for various talented guitarists. Until his last breath, the musical icon showed the world why he was a keen innovator, and his fingers were famously insured for £7 million.

Jeff's Death

The icon's friends, family, and fans were left heartbroken after he passed away on January 10, 2022. In a statement released by the family, it was revealed that the musician's demise occurred after he suddenly contracted bacterial meningitis. His family also asked for privacy while they grieved.

Musicians And Friends Pay Tribute

Since the news of Jeff's passing made the headlines, various musicians and longtime friends have paid tribute to their deceased. Taking to Twitter, English Musician Jimmy Page began his tribute by describing Jeff as a six-stringed warrior.

More Praises From Jimmy

He further praised the guitarist, noting that Jeff could weave a spell around his fans' mortal emotions. According to Jimmy, the deceased could channel music from the ethereal, had a unique technique, and possessed limitless imaginations. Jimmy ended by revealing he would miss Jeff along with his millions of fans.

Mick Jagger Pays Tribute To Jeff

English singer Mick Jagger also paid his respects to the icon. In a Twitter post, Mick admitted that Jeff's death meant the world had lost a wonderful man and one of the greatest guitar players worldwide. He finished by noting the world would miss him.

Inside Rod Stewart's Tribute

Rod Stewart, who toured with the Jeff Beck Group in the late '60s, was not left out, as he had nothing but praises for Jeff. He mentioned that Jeff was one of the few guitarists who, when playing live, would listen to him sing and respond. Rod further admitted that the late Grammy Award Winner was the greatest, thanking him for everything.

Gene Simmons Shares His Thoughts

For Musician Gene Simmons, the news of Jeff's demise was heartbreaking, as nobody played the guitar like him. Gene further urged his followers to get their hands on the first two Jeff Beck Group albums and behold greatness.

More Tributes Pour In

More tributes came from Ronnie Wood, who made it known that Jeff's death made him feel like one of his band brothers had left the world.

Ozzy Osbourne's Tribute To Jeff

For Ozzy Osbourne, sadness was the best way he could describe his feelings. According to him, it was an honor to know and perform with Jeff, and losing the musician was a terrible loss for his family and friends.

Who Else Paid Tribute To The Guitarist?

Other entertainment gurus like David Gilmour, Johnny Marr, David Coverdale, and Dave Davies also paid their respects. Jeff will always be remembered for his impact in the music industry and will always inspire many.