ICYMI: Mariah Carey Successfully Sued Her Ex for $50 Million!

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Only Mariah Carey can pull this kind of stunt, and yes, she won after suing her ex James Parker for wasting her time for $50 million. You want to keep reading to find out all the juicy details.

Breakup Fee

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When they called off their engagement, Mariah Carey sued Australian billionaire James Packer for $50 million as a breakup fee.

The Heartbreak Did A Number On Her

Of course, Mariah Carey probably didn't need any extra money, but the queen isn't going to let getting heartbreak slide. Although she and James Packer never got married, according to reports, they have a settlement that makes it appear like they split up before they even married. He is now paying a heavy price for it.

Moving Her Family In The Name Of Love

Additionally, she claimed that moving her family from New York to Los Angeles so they could be with him caused her emotional distress and worry.

Compensation For Her Heartbreak

Mariah Carey's $10 million engagement ring
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In 2015, she and James Parker became engaged; they split up the following year. Mariah Carey wanted a 50 million payment despite the brief engagement to soothe her suffering. She also received compensation in the form of an engagement ring worth $10 million.

She Still Flaunts Her Big Rock

A source revealed to Entertainment Tonight that Carey chose to preserve her $10 million engagement ring and still occasionally dons it, although on her middle finger rather than her ring finger. If you have a big rock, you should always show it off.

And while it is obvious that Carey is financially gaining from their separation, that is

supposedly where the deal ends.

Best-Selling Artists Of All Time

Most musicians can only dream of having a career as successful as Carey's in music. She is one of the best-selling musical artists of all time, with over 200 million recordings sold worldwide, and is credited with establishing new standards for the music business. She can sing like nobody's listening.

Unlucky With Love

Mariah Carey
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The 52-year-old artist hasn't had as much success in her romantic life. In 1993, Carey wed music producer Tommy Mottola; nevertheless, she later referred to the union as abusive and toxic. They separated in 1997. From 1998 to 2001, Carey switched from singing with Mottola to Luis Miguel. She wed Nick Cannon in 2008, and the couple separated in August 2014.

The Meaning Of Mariah Carey

Following the publication of Carey's autobiography, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, the failed engagement and subsequent financial demands again became a subject of discussion in 2020.

Although the book has received favorable reviews, some have pointed out that the singer glosses over or skips important life events in the book. She doesn't mention Packer, for instance, or specify how much money she received from the controversial separation settlement.

Seeking For Full Custody Of Her Twin

Some weeks back, Mariah Carey claimed her ex-husband, Cannon, wasn't making enough time for the twins. However, it seems the All I Want For Christmas singer is fed up with Nick's unending baby mamas drama and now seeks full custody of the twins.