Are These Twins Related? They Took a DNA Test To Find Out

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Close up of the two Brady Fiegls
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Two minor league baseball players got a DNA test three years ago after discovering they looked alike.

It's not foreign for twins or siblings to get separated at birth and with their striking similarities, they decided to go for it.

Chilling Similarities

It became more shocking when the men realized they shared the same name, Brady Fiegl, despite never meeting each other. One played for the Texas Rangers, while the other played for the Oakland Athletics.

It Gets Weirder

Both Feigls stand at six foot four inches, have red hair, and groom their hair the same way! They both wear full beards and eyeglasses.

First Meeting

A handshake.
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Their parts crossed in 2017 when their college mixed them up in a birthday shoutout. The Feigl, who plays for the Rangers and is a Mount St. Mary's alum, corrected the Ole Miss account, saying they were looking for the right-hander.

They Get A DNA Test

To avoid further confusion, Inside Edition did a piece on them and encouraged the men to get a DNA test.

German Ancestry

Screenshot from YouTube
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The Bradys discovered they're not twins as they have different birthdays and years, nor are they related in any way. However, the DNA test showed that they both had German ancestry. That's where things got lost in translation.

Brady With The Aviators (The Younger One)

Brady Feigl who plays for the Oakland A's
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Brady Feigl was a right-handed pitcher for the Oakland A's before moving to Mesa Solar Sox and now Las Vegas Aviators. He finds the entire experience interesting.

Brady From Ole Miss (The Older One)

Brady Feigl who plays for the Texas Rangers
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The other Brady is a left-handed pitcher for the Texas Rangers after playing for the Long Island Ducks and Atlanta Braves. He's the Ole Miss alum.

A New Experience

Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl get their DNA Test Results
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Brady (Vegas Aviators) said nothing like that has ever happened to him and people ask him about the other Brady all the time. The latter also gained a friend even though they're not related by blood.

Friends For Life

Friends having a high-five at the beach.
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The men said they'd remain friends for life. They scarcely had a choice since fans wouldn't stop asking them about each other. Imagine not being cool with your proxy twin!

The Age Difference

Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl during their Inside Edition interviews
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The Brady playing with the Las Vegas Aviators is the younger of the two men at 26 while the other is 31.

Getting Similar Surgeries

Their similarities go beyond physical as they had the same elbow restrain surgery years ago. It'd be chilling if they really were long-lost twins but they aren't.

The Same Doctor Operated On Them

Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl leave the DNA testing room
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Both men got their Tommy John surgery from the same doctor in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, before meeting each other.

A Wholesome Moment

Screenshot of the two Brady Feigls from YouTube
youtube | Inside Edition

It was the start of a new friendship, and if anything at all, the wholesome moment gave them that.

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