Strange Love: Happily Married To A Bearded Lady

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Love is powerful and can be found regardless of the situation, and Annalisa and David Hackleman are here to prove it.

5th Wedding Anniversary

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As she and her husband get ready to celebrate their fifth anniversary, a happily married bearded woman is considering cutting her facial hair for their delayed wedding photos, according to TLC.

Diagnosed With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Annalisa Hackleman, from California, was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome when she was 13. This hormonal disorder increases the amount of hair on her face and body.

Living Her Truth

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Annalisa's husband encouraged her to grow her beard after years of shaving, but she's hesitant to show it in their wedding anniversary photos.

David Is Supportive

"David is super supportive and accepting of my facial hair. I don't think he loves my facial hair, but he loves me and that's all that matters, "she says in the episode.

Contemplating Her Looks For The Shoot

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In this episode of the popular reality series, Annalisa will be seen doubting whether she wants to keep her facial hair or whether she should save it from improving the appearance of the couple's photos, despite her insistence that she is certain of her husband's unwavering devotion to her.

Hurting Her Confidence

When she was younger, Annalisa stated to the online magazine that she had been perplexed as to why people thought she should be ashamed of her facial hair, but she later realized their hurtful remarks and jibes had made her feel awful about herself.

Getting Through It All

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"Thankfully my husband helped to get me out of my haze and demanded something be done as it was ruining our life together."

Coming To Terms With Her Facial Hair

Annalisa started growing out her beard and finally came to terms with her facial hair. Interestingly, at the time of the interview, she admitted that she didn't "know if I'll ever remove her beard again," adding that it made her "feel free, confident, and more womanly" than she had in years.

How They Met

Annalisa could go over her challenges because of the love of her life, David.

The couple met thanks to Annalisa's art which is her photography. After David saw some of Annalisa's photos on a friend's Facebook page and was blown away, they hit it off immediately.

Getting Comfortable In Her Skin

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Annalisa gradually allowed the hair to grow, shaving less frequently until she felt comfortable not shaving.

The Difficulties Of Finding Love

Eight years into their relationship, she and David will soon mark five years of marriage.

She has spoken candidly on television about her difficulties finding love and managing her facial hair.

Love Is All That Matters

David is supportive and accepting of my facial hair, she said on the Strange Love American television program on TLC.

"I don't think he loves my facial hair, but he loves me and that's all that matters."

Not A New Trend

The facial hair trend isn't new as other women asides, Annalisa has revealed how they fought through to get their self-confidence despite facing bullies and insecurity and how they have been able to love themselves even now.

True Love

True love
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However, nothing beats us more than how David accepted his wife despite her physical traits. If this isn't true love, we wonder what is.