Hair Loss Horror: Common Soda Habit May Be To Blame

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Heads up, men!

A study published earlier this month in the journal Nutrients suggests that having a sweet tooth may be causing you to lose hair.

There's A Link Between Sugary Drinks And Hair Loss

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Specifically, drinking too many sugary beverages is linked to a higher risk of male pattern hair loss in young men.

Over 1,000 Men Were Studied

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The study, conducted by a group of researchers from Beijing’s Tsinghua University between January and April last year, involved more than 1,000 Chinese men, ages 18 to 45.

Researchers Looked At Lifestyles

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The participants’ lifestyles were examined vis-à-vis their hair loss.

The Results

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Their findings? Men who consumed sugary drinks daily were more likely to experience hair loss. Just one sugar-sweetened beverage a day (or one to three liters a week) – including juice, soda, coffee, tea, and sports and energy drinks – made a difference.

Higher Consumption Equals Higher Risk

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Of course, the risk was even higher for those who drank more than one a day (or a gallon or more a week).

The Risk For One Sugary Drink A Day

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In figures, one sugary beverage a day could put you at a 30 percent higher risk of hair loss than someone who never drinks them.

More Than One A Day Means…

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If you consume more than that, your risk goes up to 42 percent.

Food Affects Hair, Too

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Of course, drinking sweetened beverages aren’t the only reason men lose their hair. What you eat could also affect that mane.

Rethink Fried Food

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For example, the study found that those who were experiencing hair loss also had more fried foods and fewer veggies in their diet.

Take Care Of Your Mental Health

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Stressed out? Anxious? The research also suggests that a history of mental health issues could make you lose hair as well.

Sugary Beverages Are Not OK In General

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Back to those sugary drinks. There’s actually more reason to put that soda down than just the fear of going bald.

What Drinking Soda Daily Can Do To You

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For example, consuming soda every day puts you at risk for liver cancer and other illnesses.

Too Much Sugar Can Lead To Diabetes

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And previous studies have shown that sugar can lead to insulin resistance, which in turn can cause type 2 diabetes. And by the way, there’s a link between insulin resistance and hair loss, too.

Watch Your Sugar

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In short, it’s always a good idea to go easy on the sugary drinks.