Caught on Camera: 10-foot Sturgeon’s Insane Jump

Valeria Cova
giant sturgeon

As everyone knows, the ocean is full of things beyond comprehension. There's still a lot we don't know and other things that we know little about, and with the Internet on our side, anyone can share their unexpected findings for everyone to see.

Something that remains a mystery is the existence of sturgeons. These animals are one of the oldest living species known, and they are often compared to real-life dinosaurs; so, of course, this rare glance at one of these would go viral.

The Video Went Viral Almost Immediately

The video was shared by Yves Bisson on his Instagram, with the caption, "this was an insane jump right beside the boat 🐟🚤😱 unbelievable this video already has 55M views on TikTok and will most likely be my most viewed video of the year soon 🤩🥰"

In the clip, you can see the 10-foot sturgeon trying to shake the hook out of the boat to jump away from the surface. While the fish jumps, you can see its boney plate, which shocked Bisson's followers the most.

The Fish Jumped Beside The Boat

The video was also posted on TikTok, which now has over 61K views, 2.9M likes, and 16.9K comments. On his page, Yves often shares videos of his work with the most incredible sturgeons he finds for his 1.4M followers to enjoy.

People Were Scared Of The Sturgeon

While some commenters were amazed by the animal's behavior, others were hardly impressed by his rollover. On the other hand, some people wrote this is precisely why they prefer to stay away from open water. Someone jokingly called the sturgeon "Nessie," like the Ness Lake Monster, and others confused it with the prehistoric megalodon.

Not everyone was happy about the clip; a follower wrote, "What a shame putting that majestic fish through such trauma. I understand fishing for food. However, a fish that big that has lived so long shouldn't be tortured on the end of a hook/line. Let it live in peace."

Bisson Offers Guided Trips For All Visitors

The sturgeon was seen at the Fraser River in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Bisson is a local expert guide who offers trips for everyone who would like to catch one of the many sturgeons that swim under those waters. Still, the sturgeons are released back to their habitat once the trip ends.

Bisson describes sturgeons as "the world's largest and most powerful freshwater game fish." On his website, he explains that this fish can live up to 150 years, and weigh over a thousand pounds, so it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.