Community Learns Sign Language To Communicate With New Family

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The beauty of small moving into a small community is the spirit of togetherness from the people to newcomers, or so the movies tell us. It's not always cut-and-dry like Hallmark movies suggest, as people are typically suspicious of strangers.

However, sometimes, you get the fairytale experience and meet the most incredible welcome party.

A community in a small Massachusetts town welcomed a new couple and their disabled child with the best gift ever.

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A Happy Couple

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Glenda and Raphael Savitz married in 2013 after a two-year courtship. They moved to Newton, Massachusetts, three years after their marriage. The welcome wagon was something out of a feel-good romantic movie.

The community threw them a welcome party with lots of treats and food.

A Bundle Of Joy

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Shortly after moving to Newton, the Savitz announced Glenda's pregnancy was almost due to the delight of their new community. The founding couple of Newton, Jill McNeil and her husband, who already had two children, prepared to welcome the newborn into the fold.

Birthing A Deaf Baby

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By their third month in Newton, Glenda delivered Samantha and discovered her daughter was deaf. They confirmed the newborn's status with a series of tests during the first week of her birth.

The Community Still Supported Them

Thankfully they had a community of people willing to accept them bones and all. As a close-knit loving group, the Newton residents hated being unable to communicate with Samantha and tell her how much they loved her. So, they planned another surprise for the family.

Planning A Surprise

The McNeils called a community meeting without the Savitz during the latter's week in the hospital. They decided there to learn sign language as a group and raise Samantha with the love they planned to give.

Learning ASL

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The 18 Newton residents started their American Sign Language (ASL) lessons during Winter while Samantha was still a baby. They took lessons in one of the houses belonging to Lucia Marshall and ensured they were ready for Samantha when the time came.

The Best Surprise

The ASL lessons were intense as their instructor didn't speak to them so they could familiarize themselves with their new reality. They learned mannerisms and toddler-centric words first. When the Savitz returned home, they met another welcome wagon waiting for Samantha and were overcome with emotion.

A Happy Child - A Happy Life

Samantha grew up learning American Sign Language with the community's help, and they communicated seamlessly due to their initiative.

The community already proved that Sam would have a happy life free of discrimination.

Samantha Thrived In School

A toddler reading a picture book
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Updates over the years showed that the little girl benefitted from the kind gesture. She blossomed in school and made friends easily since the parents in Newton taught their children sign language too.

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