Eva Mendes Turns Heads With Sizzling New Red Hair Color

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Eva Mendes
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Eva Mendes has always been a honey-brown brunette since she gained mainstream success in Hollywood, and now she's trying something new. Firstly, Mendes and her family moved to Australia to be with her longtime partner, Ryan Gosling, while he filmed on location.

So, we know change isn't new to the actress. However, switching up her hair color is a drastic move for the 48-year-old since it's the first time (at least we know of), but we're not complaining.

Check out the Holiday surprise below.

Soft Launching Her New Hairdo

Mendes debuted the new red hair on Dec. 20 in a side-profile headshot with her Doberman dog on Instagram, but only a few of her 3.4 million followers caught on. So, Mendes did a full reveal on Christmas eve with a short video flaunting the new hairdo.

She spoke about her Christmas feelings while sending love to people who felt lonely during the holidays. After sharing that she was grateful for family, the actress added an afterthought saying, "Oh, I went red," like it wasn't a big deal!

Credits To The Hairstylist

Hello! You've been a brunette for the last twenty years, so it's a big deal and her fans ensured she remembered. One person teased her, saying they loved her hair commercial, while another added, "Gorgeous." Yes, she is.

Mendes showed off the new 'do in a photo still two days ago and tagged her hairstylist, Richi Grisillo. They first worked together during her McHappy Day campaigns, and she was still a brunette then.

A Sign Of Something Else?

Perhaps the new hairdo reflects her "new" status as rumors of a secret marriage between her and Gosling keep swirling around the internet. Mendes now spots a ring and tattoos Gosling's name on her hand in the Spanish marital style writing, "de Gosling."

The actress also let it slip during an interview where she said,

"My HUSBAND Ryan is here..."

Keeping The Mystery Going

Eva Mendes
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When confronted about her status, Mendes said she prefers the "did they/didn't they" thing as her relationship is precious. She likes that people don't know what's going on in her relationship with Gosling, nor do they know anything about their daughters.

Moving to Australia made it easier because the couple wasn't as famous there as they were in America. So, Mendes can do normal mom things without fear of paparazzi sneaking up on her kids. Hopefully, this is a start of a new era and possibly a return to acting for Mendes.