Chelsea Handler Breaks Up With Jo Koy: Here's What Went Wrong

Chisom Ndianefo
Close up of Joe Koy and Chelsea Handler
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Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy breaking up wasn't on the bingo card for 2022, but here we are! The comedienne opened up about the unexpected split on Brooke Shields' podcast, Now What? You wouldn't believe the reason.

Koy and Handler seemed set on each other until they announced their split in July, shortly before celebrating one year of romance. Handler seemed genuinely shocked, too, that she had to end things as she thought, "Oh my God, I won."

Here's what she said

Refusing To Lose Herself

"But towards the end of the relationship, it just became clear to me that this wasn't my person."

The decision to break up with Koy boiled down to her personality as she said that marrying Koy meant losing parts of herself which made Handler uncomfortable.

The entertainer, who previously thought she hit the jackpot with her comedian boyfriend, admitted that they discussed getting married. It was in the cards but she didn't like what it entailed.

"There were just some behaviors that we couldn’t agree on... It felt, to me, like I would have to abandon myself."

Losing herself to a relationship at this stage of herself is a no-no for Handler so she packed and left.

They're Both Heartbroken

Handler clarified that it wasn't easy to leave the relationship, and she grieved for months following its end, but it had to happen. The former couple evolved and grew apart, and even though they tried therapy, they couldn't agree on several points.

"Walking away from him was one of the most difficult things that I've ever had to do."

Koy was also heartbroken over their split but their subsequent Instagram posts suggested that it was an amicable and mutual decision.

An Amicable Separation

Handler and Koy made a video in anticipation of their first anniversary where they joked about the things they learned in one year together. Unfortunately, they didn't make the one-year mark.

Handler's lengthy caption thanked Koy for "blowing her heart open" and teaching her to experience life unprecedentedly. He also inspired her to return to stand-up comedy tours which was a huge part of her career success this year.

Still Her Biggest Fan

Jo Koy
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Koy wanted everyone invested in their relationship to know they'll always be good friends and he'll always remain her biggest fan. Since he had first-row seats into her life over the last year, Koy was in the right position to tell us she has big things coming in 2023.

Her first assignment will be hosting the Critics Choice Awards in January and guest hosting The Daily Show following Trevor Noah's exit.