Dwayne Johnson’s Adorable Daughters Give Him a Hilarious Dwanta Claus Makeover

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Dwyane Johnson
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Dwayne Johnson is getting ready for Christmas and has two of the most adorable stylists right by his side. In a new clip shared to his Instagram page, the Hollywood icon flaunted the hilarious but precious moment his little daughters decided to give him a makeover for the yuletide. They also made sure to keep his 'dignity intact!'

'Dwanta Claus' Gets A Makeover

The Black Adam star and his young daughters Tia, 4, and Jasmine, 7, had quite a lovely father-daughter moment, hours before Christmas, and it was nothing short of heart-melting. The girls got daddy ready ahead of Christmas as they sat him down in what appeared to be the living room of their luxury home. The clip showed Dwayne sitting in an armchair with Jasmine playing makeup artist. The youngster rocked a two-piece teal-colored pajama with mermaid patterns, while her hair was styled in a loose french plait.

She was filmed from behind applying makeup on her hulky dad's face. She worked around his defined cheekbones adding some blush for an extra princess effect. She vigorously applied the blush causing their entertainer dad to ask if she needed to "press it hard," to which she answered in the affirmative while adding that it was part of the makeup.

Dwanta's Makeover Session Came Complete With A Tutu!

Dwayne could be seen rocking a blonde wig with multi-colored highlights and a tiny tiara to carry off a princessy vibe. The former WWE champion rocked a vest, black shorts, and a pair of matching sneakers, but his daughter thought he needed more accessories. Toward the end of the clip, Jasmine presented a little tutu letting her dad know that was what he needed.

The Red Notice actor asked if he needed anything else, and Jasmine replied that the tutu was needed. At this point, Dwayne hilariously mentioned that he also needed his "dignity." Little Tia sweetly asked him to wear his tutu and also get his dignity. The doting dad wrote in his caption:

"First morning back home with my tornados, and by 8 am they insisted on giving "Dwanta Claus a makeover before Christmas. I haven't seen myself in the mirror yet but if I look as cool as I FEEL RIGHT NOW, then I'M WINNING BABY..."

The movie star humorously concluded his caption by mentioning that Dwanta needed his "tutu" and "DIG-NUH-DEE."

How Did The Fun Makeover End?

In a second clip shared as the concluding part of the dress-up and make-up session, Dwayne and Jasmine could be seen struggling to get the little tutu on him. The Jumanji actor shared in his caption that the tutu could only go through one of his legs so they had to pass it across his head.

When they tried doing that, the piece of clothing got stuck around his head, and they just has to improvise. So instead of wearing the tutu around his waist, Dwayne converted it to a crown, while Jasmine added the little tiara. This caused the father-daughter duo to let out a loud laugh.

Dwyane Transforms Into Dwanta

Dwayne Johnson
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Presently the 50-year-old has ditched his princess look for his hulky Dwanta Claus garb. The star shared a clip that showed him rocking an armless trench-style Santa jacket with a Christmas hat, black skinny jeans, and boots. The star showed off his huge arm tattoos, as he crooned a nice Christmas tune that he later told fans he randomly created. The actor was filmed standing close to the heavily decorated fireplace as he wished fans a merry festive period.