Jamie Lee Curtis Clamps Down On Nepo Baby Debate

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Jamie Lee Curtis
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The conversation of the phenomenon of "nepotism babies" was ignited by a cover story this week. A lot of celebrities have been commenting on the stigma. American actress Jamie Lee Curtis also weighed in on the conversation with a throwback picture. 

Curtis Made A Post Tackling The Discourse

On December 23rd, the 64-year-old actress took to Instagram to share a throwback picture. The picture showed the You Again actress posing with her famous parents. The throwback picture showed Curtis's parents, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. The first picture was a throwback to when Curtis was young with her sister, Kelly. The happy family was all smiles as they posed for the picture. Kelly and her sister were dressed in red and white dresses. Janet also paired with a white and black outfit while Tony wore a mustard yellow shirt.

The next slide fast forward some decades and showed the True Lies actress with her parents. Curtis rocked a red suit while Janet wore a gold suit with a black inner. Tony looked stylish in a black suit with a white inner. 

What Curtis Has To Say About Nepo Baby Debate

The throwback picture was amid the nepo baby debate. Along with the throwback photos, Curtis commented on the ongoing debate. The actress shared she has been a professional actress since she was 19. She referred to herself as "an OG Nepo Baby." There has been a constant reminder that her parents were movie stars since Curtis' 44 years as a professional actress.

The Knives Out actress shared her thoughts on the current conversation on nepo babies. She wrote it is a term designed to 'denigrate and hurt' people. The producer shared that for 44 years, she has navigated the advantages of her fame. She added, "I don't pretend there aren't any, that try to tell me that I have no value on my own." 

She Wrote Of The Nepotism Baby Stigma

Jamie Lee Curtis
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The Halloween Ends actress had more to say about the "nepotism babies" stigma. Curtis wrote that the assumption of people when a famous relative of someone is in the same art is curious. The actress went on to write about how people assume nepo babies are not talented. The My Girl actress continued that the assumption was not true. Curtis wrote she has always brought integrity, love, and professionalism to her work.

The actress is not the only one with famous parents in the entertainment industry. She wrote many of them are dedicated to their works and proud of their lineage. Curtis ended her post by imploring people to be kind, especially in these difficult days of rage in the world. 

Curtis Remains Proud Of Her Late Parents 

The Prom Night actress has been missing her late parents lately. On December 21st, the children's author shared an Instagram carousel of different Variety covers. It showed the magazine's various recent picks for "The 100 Greatest Movies of All Time," Curtis's mother's classic Psycho was leading the row. The actress wrote she woke up missing her mother. She also wished her mom could see the beautiful family she has. Curtis also continued that she wished her parents could see their daughters thriving. The actress also shared she wished her mother could enjoy the magical year she was having in the industry.