Caught on Camera: Alexa Helping Kid Cheat on Math Homework

Ashley Hunte
A kid is shocked after he gets caught using Alexa to do his homework.
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Homework can be pretty difficult if you don't really know what you're doing. But we learn basic math skills from a pretty young age. If anything, that should be the one thing we can all do without help.

But a kid went viral on Reddit last week for using an Amazon Alexa device to help him solve a pretty simple math equation. Posted to the Watch People Die Inside sub, a video shows a kid who gets caught red-handed using Alexa to figure out his math homework for him.

Posted Last Week, The Video Gained A Lot Of Attention On The Site.

The kid asks Alexa for the answer to five minus two.
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In It, The Kid Asks What Five Minus Two Equals.

An Amazon Alexa device.
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The video is about a half-minute long, and shows a kid sitting at a dining table, working on his homework. "Alexa, what's five take away two?" the boy asks. At first, he whispers, but then gets a little bit louder to ask again. After asking Alexa the same question a few times, she finally responds with the answer (three, of course).

The kid then begins to ask another question, this time a math equation including the number 10. But before he can get his answer in, the mom (who'd been filming the whole time, unbeknownst to the boy) says "Carson" in a sharp tone. The boy (who is presumably named Carson), turns around sharply, with a look of shock and nervousness on his face. It's pretty easy to tell that he knows he's about to get in trouble for doing something he shouldn't have been doing.

The post was upvoted over 71,000 times since being uploaded. Thousands of users took to the comments to discuss what they'd just seen.

Some Joked About How They Did Their Own Homework.

Users joked about their own working habits.
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When it comes to more complex topics like physics and engineering, a lot of users needed outside help to get their homework done. Of course, using computers to help you figure out complex equations is pretty different from asking Alexa what five minus two is.

Other Users Criticized The Boy's Parents.

Users criticized the kid's parents.
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The fact that a kid with his vocabulary needs help with incredibly simple math was pretty concerning for a lot of commenters. Many criticized the fact that the parents filmed him asking Alexa for help, rather than helping him with his work.

Many Also Felt That Constant Covid Lockdowns Might Be To Blame.

Covid lockdowns have put kids behind in school.
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Users discussed how Covid had an impact on kids in school. With kids learning online, many of them missed out on important time with their teachers.