20+ Comics That Show Women's Everyday Struggles

Comic about women in their 30s
instagram | @lainey.molnar

There are plenty of reasons to appreciate art. Visuals are front and center of course, but good art often makes the viewer reflect on their place in the world. Given the right context, art can be revolutionary.

The art of Lainey Molnar isn't just relatable. It also challenges the viewer. Her art, which she shares on Instagram, features a bold pop art style and features messages that zero in on the overall experience of being a woman in a world that's still far from equal.


I don't know if this is a thing that's a "must have" so much as a thing that just kind of happens organically.


This gets to the heart of how emotions and feelings are so often framed negatively. We're made the way we're made, and we may as well embrace these traits.


Looking in the mirror can be such a trip. On a good day, no one has ever looked better. But the next day, everything feels different — even though you're staring at the same face.


It seems like society is policing women's clothing right from grade school onwards. At the end of the day, they're just clothes — and judging someone for what they're wearing just feels nosy.


It's interesting how the inspiring story of Britney Spears finally achieving legal independence faded away almost as soon as it happened. Meanwhile, Kanye's ongoing meltdown is still front-page news.


Some people who oppose head and face coverings believe they're doing the right thing, by pushing back at oppressive male-dominated regimes. But at the same time, it's just another form of trying to impose beliefs on other people.


A common theme of Lainey's work is women's wardrobes — and how they're judged. It's the kind of scrutiny that men don't generally face.


This quote is fantastic. While we haven't achieved anything close to full equality, we're in a better spot than we were 50 or 100 years ago.


Sure, some bellies can be attributed to bloat or pregnancy or whatever, but at the end of the day, they should all be accepted as just a belly.


It's impossible for a man to truly walk a mile in a woman's shoes. If it was possible, there probably wouldn't be so much dismissiveness surrounding these topics.


Every man who's in a relationship with a woman should feel good if his partner doesn't feel pressured to dress a certain way.


Weddings and babies are seen as milestones, but they're not critical to living a rewarding adult life.


Sexuality gets more and more demystified as we get more comfortable with it — and talking about it is a great way to get comfortable with it.


Sometimes, it just isn't possible for a person to achieve the desired skinniness without literally starving themselves.


It's truly incredible how the 20th century set so many unrealistic body standards, and all to sell beauty products.


"Hustle culture" was a big thing a few years back, and it's great to see that mental health is more of a mainstream priority now.


This speaks to the confidence that comes with aging. At a certain point, you just don't care the same way you used to.


We're social creatures, and nobody really wants to be lonely. Sometimes, this can hurt.


Life isn't about checking off boxes. It's about living.


Here's another piece that deals with confidence. As we age, we get better at knowing what we truly need.


It's interesting how we've seen more mainstream acceptance of different body types in women — but we have yet to see anyone try to glorify the "mom bod" the same way we do with dad bods.


This kind of encapsulates the old saying, "Life's a journey, not a race."