"Karen" Goes On Food-Throwing Rampage At McDonald's

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McDonalds Food Tray
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An angry "Karen" was captured on camera at McDonald's throwing a bag with what appeared to be a freshly created meal to the ground before yelling, "This is wrong." Karen is arguing with a McDonald's staff about her order in the video, which went viral on TikTok before it was removed. Karen is seen wearing a pink hooded sweatshirt and what appear to be cartoon pajama pants. Then, after throwing the food to the ground, the camera pans down to see a jumble of French fries and other objects.

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Karen Litters The Fries On The Floor

Following the customer's rant, the employee keeps their cool and inquires calmly about whether they ordered two crispy chicken sandwiches. She explains things to the worker behind the register, who is attentively listening to her but not making eye contact with her.

Shocked by the incident the woman recording the video said "oh my god" repeatedly before the video went off.

“No. I had two McChickens, I have one crispy chicken, two Big Macs, and two…McDoubles.”

The client watches the McDonald's employee as she alternates between two different registers while standing still and holding her hand to her hip. A few anxious seconds pass until another McDonald's employee emerges from the rear with two bags of food and says, "All right, who has what?"

Tiktok Users' Reaction To Karen's Behavior

The client at McDonald's boorish behavior stunned the TikTok community. While some remarked that "pajama pants make people angry," others found it incomprehensible that the irate client had ever been served.

Tiktoker @stillmonya47 isn't exactly thrilled with Karen's decision as she also added that PJs make people angry; however, Karen's behavior sucks, and where she is from, people clean up their messes if it were from her place. Karen would have been behind the counter cleaning the mess instead of just looking around like she doesn't know what she has done.

Recognizing Workers As Humans

Of course, it would interest you to know the quantity of food in such a sequence appears adequate for a large group. These two have handled bigger orders based on their appearance.

When your order is incorrect, I know it's common practice these days to go crazy and cause a fuss. However, before you go crazy, always note that these workers are humans too.

Consumer Relationship With Workers Continues To Get Worse

McDonalds worker serving a customer.
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Especially in the food service and hospitality industries, reports of worsening consumer behavior started to flood. Employees claim that when the self-isolating and social distancing protocols were discontinued, they were spoken to and treated more rudely than ever.