Surrogate Snaps When Mom-To-Be Touches Her Stomach

Ashley Hunte
Excerpt from the original reddit post

Being pregnant is a strange and wonderful thing. On one hand, it's painful and exhausting. But on the other hand, there's something kind of magical about being able to form a small human inside of you. While many pregnant people welcome all the attention they get from others, some simply don't want to be touched.

A woman who is acting as a surrogate for another couple recently got into it with the mom-to-be. Why? Because the new mom touched the woman's stomach without permission. Now, the woman, who goes by Dangerous_South_9178 on Reddit, asked the AITA community if she was in the wrong for not wanting to be touched.

The User Recently Posted Her Story.

The user shares her story.
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This Is Not OP's First Pregnancy.

A woman's baby bump.
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OP states that she's been pregnant before with her own child, and did not want people touching her belly then. Now, she is a surrogate for another couple. According to OP, the wife is able to have children, but is a personal trainer and does not want a pregnancy to interfere with her job.

They have a contract, but nowhere in it does it state that the couple can touch OP's belly at any time. They'd constantly ask, because the wife has always wanted to feel her child kick, but OP would always politely refuse. One day, though, while at an appointment, the wife went and touched OP's stomach without permission. OP asked her to stop, and the wife snapped, saying she wants to bond with her child. OP then said she could've just gotten pregnant herself. Now, both the wife and the husband are upset with their surrogate.

The Comment Section Readily Sided With OP.

Users sided with OP.
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Users from all over sided with OP, stating that she has a right to refuse being touched. Though it is the couple's baby, it's still OP's body.

Many Point Out That The Wife's Job Isn't That Physically Demanding.

Others claim that personal training is not that demanding.
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Being a personal trainer, as commenters claim, isn't as demanding as the wife makes it out to be. Some commenters were even personal trainers while pregnant. This has led many to believe the wife just didn't want her body to change due to pregnancy.

Some Think OP Should Ban The Couple From The Delivery Room.

Commenters tell OP to disallow the couple in the delivery room.
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OP replied to comments by saying that their contract states that the wife must be allowed in the delivery room. But commenters argued that she can still have doctors remove her if she oversteps or makes OP feel uncomfortable.