Catherine Zeta-Jones, 53, Reveals Everything She Eats In A Day

Geri Green
Catherine Zeta-Jones talking about brunch with beans on toast.

Catherine Zeta-Jones has opened up on her typical diet as she joins the list of celebrities being profiled on their daily bites by Harper's Bazaar. The 53-year-old actress and wife to actor Michael Douglas got candid as she revealed everything that lands on her plate - super-healthy Catherine continues to make headlines, meanwhile, for her age-defying looks and fit figure. The Welsh-born star talked coffee and oatmeal with berries for breakfast, then revealed plenty more nutrition that lands throughout the day.

French Press Coffee

Catherine Zeta-Jones
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Smiling as she spoke into the camera while shot close up, Catherine revealed kicking off every day with a coffee - specifically a French press one that she says she gets "very nostalgic about that." She also revealed getting up very early for quiet time before walking her dog. Catherine then pours her coffee - breakfast itself doesn't generally happen until around 8 a.m.

"In the winter hours, I'm a porridge girl," she said, adding that she likes it with brown sugar and bananas, plus blueberries. Catherine will eat this Monday to Friday. In warmer months, she goes for non-fat vanilla yogurt, plus granola and berries.

Room For Brunch

Catherine did reveal that on weekends, she gets her brunch game on and digs French toast. "It's actually the Martha Stewart recipe," she revealed. As to snacks, Catherine divulged a love of Dairy Milk chocolate.

Lunch is "family meals." The A-Lister star said that lunch is often a "light affair" and always includes a salad. She loves mixed leaves with pine nuts, tomatoes, plus sometimes a blue cheese addition. Basic Instinct star Michael also loves it.

Afternoon Coffee, Too!

Catherine is happy to double down on the caffeine in the afternoon. She'll also sometimes go for some scones and tea. As to dinner, the star aims for dinner that's not too late, unless she is traveling in Europe, where dinners are usually served later. A typical dinner includes "my salad," where she chops up oranges, apples, avocados, and figs. Her "perfect supper" is fish, chicken, or white meat.

Stuns Fans At 53

Proving that health is wealth in a recent Instagram share, Zeta-Jones lounged around in a glam kaftan look, writing:

"My Moroccan Yves Saint Laurent moment here at his and Pierre Berge’s beautiful home in Marrakech. I just love… thank you Madison Cox😘 I spent close to four months in Morocco filming my first movie when I was 19. And every time I come back, I fall more and more in love."