Keke Palmer Displays Pregnancy Glow And Growing Bump On TikTok

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Keke Palmer
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American actress and singer Keke Palmer is enjoying every bit of her pregnancy. The actress has been flaunting her baby bump on social media. She recently danced with her growing pregnancy bump in a glowing TikTok.

Palmer Is Living It Up With Her Pregnancy Glow

The Scream Queens actress recently shared a TikTok glowing as she gets ready to welcome her first child. The TikTok showed the actress gleefully dancing to O'Jays Used Ta Be My Girl. The Nope actress was dancing in front of a parked car on a sidewalk. Palmer looked cheerfully dressed in a green body-hugging mini dress with Gucci sneakers. The dress had ruches at the side and was paired with a pink hoodie. The soon-to-be mother then danced happily to the sound while using a glowing TikTok filter. The colorful outfit and glowing filter put the baby bump on full display. 


First Public Announcement Of The Exciting News

The Animal actress first announced the exciting pregnancy news on December 3rd. This was during her Saturday Night Live monologue. Palmer shared she was expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Darius Jackson. The actress then revealed her baby bump on stage by ripping her trench coat. Jackson also publicly announced the pregnancy. He took to Instagram to share an image of Palmer from a dinner outing. 

After announcing her pregnancy on SNL, the singer shared on Instagram how the year has been for her. The Rags actress also wrote that fortunately, she has been doing it all with her baby. Palmer also appreciated her parents, family, and Jackson who have been supporting her. The couple was first linked in 2021 but kept their relationship private. In March, Palmer told Bustle she was not trying to hide the person who made her happy.

Her Mindblowing Pregnancy News On SNL

During her SNL monologue, Palmer decided to address some rumors about her on air. The actress shared that people have been commenting that she was pregnant. "And I want to set the record straight: I am," She announced. The Alice actress joked that it was bad when people spread rumors but it was worse when they are correct. Palmer shared she wanted it to be private since she had a lot on her plate.

The actress continued and shared that being pregnant was her biggest blessing. The 29-year-old said she was excited about being a mom. Although some people feel weird that she is pregnant because she was a child actor. 

Palmer Role Plays With Baby Bump

keke Palmer
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Still, at the SNL appearance, Palmer once again displayed her baby bump as she played a role. The actress played a pregnant character who went for a doctor's check-up. The pregnant woman watched her twins break dance through the ultrasound monitor. She also placed a Filet-O-Fish delivery order and ate Flamin' Hot Cheetos which sparked a fire.

The character then put out a fire in the womb. The actress hosted SNL for the first time, joined by musical guest SZA. Palmer was not the first host to announce her pregnancy on SNL. During Cardi B's debut on the show, she also showed off her baby bump while performing.