Seth Rogen Shares Opinion On New Aubrey Plaza Movie

Ashley Hunte
Aubrey Plaza is the star of the film "Emily the Criminal."
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Fans were pleasantly surprised with Aubrey Plaza's performance in Emily the Criminal, a crime thriller that premiered at Sundance earlier this year, followed by a theatrical run in the summer.

The film follows Plaza as the titular Emily, a woman burdened with student debt and the inability to get work due to her criminal record over a minor crime. After being approached about a job that could earn her a lot of money in a short amount of time, Emily descends into a life of crime.

The film has finally made its way to streaming and is available to watch on Netflix. Now that more and more people have access to the film, it's been receiving much more praise. Not just from movie lovers and Aubrey Plaza fans, either. Other celebs have expressed their love for Emily the Criminal online, with Seth Rogen being one of the latest to do so.

Plaza Recently Posted About The Film's Netflix Success On Instagram.

The post, which Plaza posted to her personal Instagram, showed how Emily the Criminal was number 2 on Netflix's top 10 movies in the US earlier this week. She accompanied the post with an enthusiastic caption that reads, "Emily is #2 between these two GIANT movies. I had to post. So proud of this movie sandwich! And next to Guillermo! What?! Let’s keep this going!!!!"

Over 129 thousand users liked the post after it had been uploaded. It also received tons of comments from people praising the film.

Among Those Comments Was One From Rogen.

Seth Rogen comments on Aubrey Plaza's Instagram post.
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One of the top comments on the post came from Seth Rogen, who stated in all caps, "I very much liked this movie." That comment was also liked hundreds of times, with fans of both stars reacting to it as well.

Rogen wasn't the only celeb to celebrate Plaza's good news. Stars like Kathy Griffin and Paris Hilton also dropped by the comments to let Plaza know how much her work impressed them.

Cast And Crew Made Sure To Spread The Love As Well.

Rossi and Davidson also commented on the post.
instagram | @plazadeaubrey

Theo Rossi, Plaza's costar, as well as the film's producer Tyler Davidson, both made sure to join in on the celebration. Davidson commented by saying, "Doing the impossible," while Rossi simply wrote out a scream of excitement.

The Film Shows Off Plaza's Incredible Acting Range.

Plaza at a 2019 Wondercon event.
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Most fans remember Plaza from Parks and Recreation. This year, however, she's starred in both Emily the Criminal and The White Lotus, the latter earning her a Golden Globe nomination.