Ana de Armas Reacts To Her Golden Globe Nomination For 'Blonde'

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Ana de Armas
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Ana de Armas is reacting to the amazing news that she's been nominated for a Golden Globe. The Cuban-born actress made major headlines in 2022 for channeling bombshell Marilyn Monroe in the movie Blonde, and it looks like the pundits are on her side. Ana joins the list of prestigious actors and actresses this year nominated for the famed award - she's also posted to social media to react to the honor. Ana is followed by 8.7 million on Instagram, where she recently shared a gorgeous photo of herself with a bouquet of pink roses.

Got Her Nomination!

Ana de Armas
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Ana posed all smiles while holding up a massive bunch of flowers all wrapped up in green packaging. The A-Lister actress largely hid her outfit here, although fans did see her beautiful smile as she also wore her dark locks down. Ana then returned with friends as she posed once again with her flowers - shots also included the 34-year-old in a black puffer jacket and on set as she smiled for the camera with a member of the movie's crew. Ana discovered that she had been nominated for her Golden Globe while on the set of her upcoming movie, Ballerina.

Revealing Her Reaction

In a gushing caption, de Armas wrote:

"Thank you @goldenglobes What an incredible surprise! There’s nothing better than receiving and celebrating the big news with the crew on set. Also, how amazing that I’m working again with and @tinaroeslerkerwin and we got to share this special moment together. This recognition goes to them too because they killed it in #Blonde. THANK YOU! #AndrewDominik @netflix #Blonde."

Also nominated are Cate Blanchett, Olivia Colman, Viola Davis, and Michelle Williams.

Actors On Actors

Ana is now being chased by every media outlet around, and that includes Variety, who recently snapped her up for its Actors on Actors series.

"@variety thank you for inviting me to Actors on Actors. I really enjoyed spending an afternoon with the incredibly talented Eddie Redmayne, we had a great conversation, I could’ve asked him a million questions more," Ana wrote to promote the appearance.

Instagram Following Shoots Up

Ana has seen her IG following shoot up amid the release of Blonde. The Louis Vuitton promo face is also followed by a slew of famous faces not limited to actress Kate Hudson, singer Camila Cabello, plus former Disney star Bella Thorne.